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Too Right to Be Wrong

…ington editor for The National Review, it only took about forty far-right House members to force the rest of the Republican caucus to grandstand on the debt limit. These forty, mainly Tea Party-affiliated conservatives, were able to threaten another 60 to 80 members of the Republican caucus with the prospect of primary challenges. Boehner suddenly had a hundred House Republicans unwilling to vote with him on any deal that did not include the defu…

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Race Won’t Win the Race

by Photo from wikimedia commons The Republican Party’s ability to keep control of the New York City Mayor’s office from 1994 to 2014 is especially impressive as there are over six registered Democrats for every one Republican in the five boroughs.  In each of the five elections over the twenty year period, the Republican Party has managed to put forth a strong, moderate leader with cross-party appeal who has won despite the Democrat’s…

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The Trump Trouble for GOP Senators in 2016

…n having a tough time after his loss in the Wisconsin primaries, he is still poised to win the nomination at the Republican National Convention. Unlike Ted Cruz and John Kasich, he has a fairly good chance of breaking the magic number of 1237 delegates. And even if he falls short of the cutoff, he will probably still walk away with a plurality of delegates, which could be enough for him to clinch the nomination since the majority of Republicans w…

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The Hunt For Red November: Explaining Republican Successes at the State Level

…ical Science from the University of California at San Diego.  CPR: There is a narrative, given the state of the Republican primary right now, of a [Republican] Party that is rudderless, that has no direction, that is in disarray and going to blunder its way through to the general election: Do you think that this is a fair narrative, or is it overblown? JP: Well, I think that it is still a little early to say. It would be a disaster for the Repub…

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The Hunt For Red November: Explaining Republican Successes at the State Level

…orant reality TV star follows close behind, nipping at his heels. Within the current administration, a fractured Republican Party just barely convinced one of its members to ascend to the empty House Speakership. With such dysfunction in the Republican ranks catching the national eye, what can the Democrats possibly have to worry about? Though a Republican implosion appears more likely to the general American public, Democrats are largely ignorin…

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Get Out of the Kitchen

…President Scott Stringer.  Each of these candidates has raised millions for a potential mayoral bid, whereas no Republican candidates have established serious campaign committees. I have previously written about the successful GOP tactic of welcoming former Democratic political novices to run on the Republican line.  Candidates like Rudy Guiliani and Michael Bloomberg have proven that skipping a challenging Democratic primary can lead to City Ha…

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Electoral Dysfunction

…use this method). In the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, Republicans are blazing forward with this plan. In many of these states, congressional district lines have been gerrymandered to favor Republicans, effectively guaranteeing that those districts will support Republican presidential candidates in future elections.  As Stephen Colbert aptly said of gerrymandering when he highlighted this…

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Marriage Equality Republicans Face Primaries

…nges to Senators Roy McDonald of Saratoga and Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie are yet to be finalized. The fourth Republican to break ranks in 2011 was Senator James Alesi, the Rochester Republican who decided to retire rather than face a significant challenge in the GOP primary on account of his support of marriage equality. Important to note, however, is the extreme voter fatigue currently permeating throughout New York.  New Yorkers have alread…

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Cuomo in Control

…s in full swing as campaigns enter the final month of operations in anticipation of the November 6 election. The Republicans hold a slight advantage in the Senate, 33-29. The Democrats briefly held control of the Senate for a year for the first time in decades until the 2009 leadership crisis, which culminated in a return to Republican leadership. The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) is likely to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to he…

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Juvenile Injustice

…r the legislature has been consistently divided between the two parties, with Democrats leading the Assembly and Republicans commanding the Senate. Maintaining majority control has become critical, especially for the Republican Party, which has lost 50 percent of its voter registration in New York State since 1950. In an effort to hold on to these majorities, leaders in both parties have kept legislators under tight control. Party leadership ofte…

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