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Crossword Puzzle

…tween marginalized rural communities and the central government, continue to widen the income gap. “Our country, Peru, doesn’t really develop,” explained Roody Cáceres Torres, advisor to Congresswoman María Sumire, “precisely because one great barrier is the language. [It is] a barrier for the exchange of products, for the sale of the same, for the production….” Peru lacks communication between the country’s ethnic groups, and it lacks the…

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Political Minutes: Katherine Hite on Politics and Commemoration

…a particular context, Hite focused extensively on “El ojo que llora” (“The eye that cries”), a memorial in Lima, Peru, that was erected to commemorate the victims of guerrilla warfare and authoritarianism that haunted Peru throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. The memorial features a sculptural representation of Pachamama (the revered Andean goddess of the Earth) and an eye that “cries” an endless trickle of water. Around the central sculpture is…

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Grooming the Globe

…ultant Marc McKinnon mentioned, “The things that drive elections are the same in Nebraska as they are in Ghana.” Peruvian politician Miguel Cruchaga would disagree. “One thing is Britain and another thing is Peru,” he said. “Bring a British comedian to Peru and see if he can make anyone laugh here – it doesn’t work that way.” Can cultural values really be treated as exportable commodities? Cultural barriers are abundant. Walter Shapiro described…

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Rethinking the Past

…ng the stability necessary to economic growth. Was the economic gain worth it? The regime of Alberto Fujimori in Peru is a good example of this predicament. Although his brutal repression of dissent ultimately landed him a lengthy prison sentence, many Peruvians still view his rule in the 1990s as a time of prosperity and progress. Peru’s most recent presidential election, between Ollanta Humala and Alberto’s daughter Keiko Fujimori (also is a Co…

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Reacting to Reelection

by From Wikimedia Commons Since well before his first term, President Obama has had tremendous support from citizens around the world. In 2008 Europeans cheered his youth and charisma, Kenyans celebrated his ethnic heritage, and many in the Middle East saw him as the candidate capable of bringing relief from the near decade of hawkish American foreign policy that marked the opening of the 21st century. Just months into his first term,…

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by In spite of the rough economic times, it seems nothing can stop the expansion of American free trade agreements (FTAs) across the globe.  The Obama administration has promised that the recent passage of FTAs with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea will help boost American exports, substantially increase our GDP, and potentially support thousands of jobs. And the buck doesn’t stop there. At the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation…

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Umm… lo siento, no entender. No hablar español!

…ntacted peoples” – is often limited. Due to the paramilitary presence in parts of Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru, the ability of these countries to provide proper surveillance and protection of these groups in severely curtailed. Last year, a tribe was completely annihilated by Peruvian drug traffickers seeking to establish a path through the rainforest into Brazil. The soulless massacre of the outgunned tribe (broken arrows and machine gun…

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