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Politicians — They’re Just Like Us!

…aving an affair bear a remarkable resemblance to Heilemann and Halperin’s unnamed informants. Then there’s Sarah Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue—released last November—which seems as though it was crafted chiefly in order to put rumors to rest. The second half of the book systematically refutes every claim made against Palin during the election, anticipating the charges raised against her in Game Change. While Heilemann and Halperin contend that Pali…

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CPRoundup: Ryan’s “Trojan Horse”

…n a “Trojan Horse”— surely making millionaires wish Obama would just leave well enough alone.  Sarah Palin plays Katie Couric On Tuesday, Sarah Palin co-hosted the “Today Show” on NBC. The former governor of Alaska was likely recruited to beat the ratings of “Good Morning America,” which also gained a new host on Tuesday with Katie Couric — and you may remember that Palin probably isn’t too fond of Couric after that disastrous intervi…

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Election 2012: Game Change 2.0

…in showed in 2008, the vice presidential pick can make or break a candidacy. In McCain’s case, even though Sarah Palin energized a formerly unenthusiastic base, her presence in the race ultimately led to Barack Obama winning in a landslide because the discussion became almost solely about Palin and her flaws, rather than Obama’s abject unpreparedness. If and when Romney secures the nomination, his first decision, – picking a VP – will likely be e…

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Calling on Condi

…ee’s effort to win the White House. But due to Senator John McCain’s imprudent choice in the last contest, Sarah Palin, the selection this time around will be scrutinized even closer than it has been in the past. As he has stressed over and over again in interviews, Romney will choose someone who is prepared to be president should something happen to him while in office, a direct rejection of the Sarah Palin choice. While Romney wants to pick som…

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CPRoundup: That’s all, folks!

…ick Santorum keeps winning hearts so that he can take the White House in 2016! Vice President who? What do Sarah Palin and Herman Cain have in common? Very little, actually, but they’ve both been in the news again lately for their opinion on who Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate will be. Both Cain and Palin think that Florida Representative Allen West should be chosen to be second in line to the presidency, but they may not realize the gr…

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Romney-Ryan Offers Hope for America

by photo from Wikimedia Commons The 2012 Presidential Election just got real: GOP nominee Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin representative and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan, the author of the Republican-approved Path to Prosperity budget proposal (often simply referred to as the “Ryan Plan”) that sought to rein in long-term deficit spending by reforming Medicare, is a dedicated fiscal conservativ…

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A War on Women

by We are in an economic recession. While some monetary sacrifices for governmental agencies are inevitable, the latest push to deprive Planned Parenthood of all federal funding is not solely motivated by the desire for fiscal conservatism. Instead, the burgeoning campaign against funding for Planned Parenthood is overtly purported to be a means of rectifying an existing ethical dilemma: forcing Americans to finance abortion services t…

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Populism, Yea Yea

by John Adams tried to be an American Idol, Jefferson tried to be a ROCK STAR, Madison tried to make the Presidency vital, James Monroe was a DOUCHEBAG. The story always ends the same. It’s hard to handle all that fame. You don’t really have it in ya … – Rock Star Professor Eric Foner might be Columbia’s version of a rock star, but it’s indisputable that history lessons are quite a bit more interesti…

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Common (Non)sense

by The Cold War may be long over, and capitalism is still basking in the glow of its successes (did someone say recession?), but another rather icy, oh-so-subtle battle is being waged within campuses across this great union. Beneath the edifice that proudly reads “The Special Relationship,” Americans are constantly belittling their British counterparts. Whilst I may shed a tear when you declare our empire dead, our importance dwindling…

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