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American Politics Illuminated

…his book that is hopeful. CPR: When writing Confidence Men, what was your perception of the public’s mood toward Wall Street at the time? Did you foresee any potential for the type of public backlash that we saw in Occupy Wall Street? RS: I think I did. The four years in Confidence Men is really about the evolution of the country as well as Obama’s arrival on the public stage as the central actor in this period from 10 years at the Wall Str…

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Occupy Wall Street: A Birthday in Context

…s the only litmus test. That’s because it’s not the only birthday, or birth, worth celebrating and planning for. Occupy Wall Street (OWS), like every single protest before it, was a combination of spontaneity and organization. It took months of planning, with General Assemblies convening for weeks before Zuccotti Park was anything more than a nice spot for lunch. But it’s not just these months of planning, it’s the myriad struggles that came befo…

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Classroots Activism

…le like Brian Jones optimistic, however, is the political transformation that has taken place due to the rise of Occupy Wall Street. For activists everywhere, Jones explains, Occupy represented a “huge injection of confidence in the public sphere. Our fight took on a vision of how people should be educated and provided for in our society.” What Jones sees in his fellow grassroots organizers is an enhanced consciousness of not only their power to…

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Political Minutes: The Road to November 6

…lin, a professor at the School of Journalism. Gitlin, also a prolific author, is currently writing a book on the Occupy Wall Street movement called Occupy Nation. The event was dominated with discussion of Occupy Wall Street, the main topic of interest to both Warren and Gitlin. Warren, in his speech, gave a quick recount of the events leading up to Occupy Wall Street’s September 17 beginnings. He then said that despite the anti-hierarchal princi…

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Occupation Nation

…ack into the hands of ordinary people, as opposed to those of the politicians who largely ignore the people, the Occupy movement has launched a radical critique of the entwinement of American democracy and its vastly stratified capitalist system. Jeffrey Sachs, in an address to the Occupy Wall Street People’s Forum, put it simply: “In 1980, the top 1 percent took home 9 percent of the household income. Now, the top 1 percent takes home 23 percent…

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Silicon Implant

by Illustration by Thuto Somo Protestors, slogans, police ­– Wall Street has not seen this kind of exuberance in a long time. The city’s past and present financial powers now meet on Wall Street in the shadow of the World Trade Center memorial – what is a symbol of American strength and unity in the face of mortal terror is now home to discontent and protests.  The message shouted in Zuccotti Park and disseminated through the web may…

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Grand Theft Government

…s are now earning record profits while the national unemployment rate hovers near ten percent. The clichéd “Wall Street vs. Main Street” dichotomy has become embedded in our political vernacular. Needless to say, the populist sentiment relating to Wall Street is not positive. Populism and sound economics have historically clashed. But the current state of financial regulatory reform—or rather, the lack thereof—is quickly changing that precedent….

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

…the mother of all illnesses.” Columbia Political Review’s George Joseph talks with Stein what she would do about Wall Street and the economy, education policy, and WikiLeaks if she were one day elected president. George Joseph: On the topic of Wall Street, how would your actions differ from President Obama’s in terms of dealing with the financial sector? Jill Stein: On day one, we would fire Wall Street and get them out of the White House, which…

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Editor’s Note

…he finishing touches on this issue, my peers and members of my editorial staff are downtown participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Regardless of where one falls ideologically, the movement is undoubtedly an uprising against the corporate juggernaut that defines our time. The four popular political groups on campus (CU Democrats, College Republicans, College Libertarians, and International Socialist Organization) have weighed in on this…

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Citizens Standing United

…will. One of the most visible responses to the influence of corporations on politics has been the launch of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which criticized the influence on Wall Street money on the political system. Jeff Smith, a member of the Occupy Press Team, called our new electoral reality “legalized bribery.” Their advocacy helped bring about greater awareness of the issue, although it is hard to point to any substantive change that has…

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