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Getting Trashed in Nairobi

…illegally flooding across Kenyan borders, many making their way to the big city. But like so many that arrive in Nairobi with big city dreams of finding work and starting a life with a family and home, but instead finding few opportunities, the Somali refugees have taken to the slums near Dandora, the poorest in Nairobi. The Somalis have it particularly rough right now; because of the war, many Kenyans have been discriminating against anyone that…

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“Below the Battle”

…cted Al-Shabaab bases. With the onset of war, repercussions are already being felt throughout Kenya. Jennifer, a Nairobi resident and 60-year-old widow, recently traveled to her home city of Meru, four hours north of Nairobi. Because Meru is close to a few ex Al-Shabaab bases, the drive took two more hours than usual. “There were pairs of military officers, probably more than just people walking around,” said Jennifer. “There were so…

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More Money, More Problems

by Illustration by Louise McCune Consider the flying toilet. The term comes from the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Within the slum, there is often less than one latrine per 50 shacks, with each 12-foot by 12-foot shack containing, on average, eight people. Kibera sits on government land that never fully transferred legally to its pre-independence residents, and, as such, the government treats residents as squatters with no right or e…

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Kenya Hear Me

…ig drain pipe, pouring the same orange muck into Kibera. The next day, I showed these pictures to a professor at Nairobi University, who wished to remain anonymous. The professor said this orange viscous liquid was definitely a type of toxic waste and added, “This wasn’t on the news at all because the train station knows how dangerous this kind of stuff is. Had the wreck been anywhere in Nairobi except Kibera, Kenyan railway would be under…

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Kenya Dig A Cellphone Revolution

…compatible with smart phones. You can have your iPhone unlocked at one of the two authorized Apple retailers in Nairobi or buy one here pre-unlocked so that you can slip in a Safaricom micro-SIM card. The phone will then function on airtime. You can then use the airtime to purchase a variety of Internet bundles to keep you connected. Many residents in Nairobi use this system to send money to their home villages without a hassle. Kenyans abroad c…

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Me Against the World

…a long time ago. On the official match list, the fighters that comprised the blue side were all either from the Nairobi police or the Armed Services teams. The fighters robed in red were from other Nairobi sponsors or other Kenyan provinces. Hajy’s fight was the eleventh and last fight of the day. Luckily Hajy saw his competitor, David Wamala, fight in the semi-finals the day before. Unfortunately Wamala K.O.-ed his opponent in the first 3…

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Left High and Dry

by This past week, I attended the annual Nairobi International Trade Fair, which is sponsored by the Agricultural Society of Kenya. Similar to a 4-H County Fair in the United States, which features children’s activities alongside agricultural displays, the fair’s marketed purpose is to educate the public on programs, companies, and organizations that work with Kenya’s agricultural and environmental sectors. Despite these good intention…

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Waiting, Sitting, Wishing

by On December 6 this past year, I was anxious to get to Goma, a city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), to witness the nation’s presidential election. While my flight was originally at 10:50 a.m., I headed to the Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi at 7 a.m. in hope that I could instead catch an earlier flight. Little did I know that my desire to get to Goma in time for this historic statement would be worthless; the rest of…

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Reacting to Reelection

by From Wikimedia Commons Since well before his first term, President Obama has had tremendous support from citizens around the world. In 2008 Europeans cheered his youth and charisma, Kenyans celebrated his ethnic heritage, and many in the Middle East saw him as the candidate capable of bringing relief from the near decade of hawkish American foreign policy that marked the opening of the 21st century. Just months into his first term,…

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An Optimistic Examination of East African Terrorism

by Smoke rises above the Westgate mall during Al-Shabaab’s attack (photo credit: Late last September, the world’s collective attention was drawn to the East African nation of Kenya, where a group of Islamist terrorists—members of Al-Qaeda’s Somalian affiliate, Al-Shabaab—had launched a deadly campaign of violence in Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall. Despite having killed over 70 innocent civilian…

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