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A Fresh Order of Domino Theory

…nce the Second World War. However, six years later, the Kosovo War would sour relations. To put it simply, “When NATO began its 1999 air campaign in Kosovo without UN Security Council approval, Russians perceived this as part of NATO’s drive for unilateral security in Europe.” NATO’s circumvention of Security Council and Russian approval before beginning its campaign in Kosovo had detrimental consequences. Kosovo was the last straw since it unite…

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Off Her Majesty’s Secret Service

…f efforts, and doubts about Britain’s ability to honor its obligations to its allies. Applying for membership in NATO is not a rubber stamp process. Scotland would need the consent of every NATO member state in order to join the alliance as an independent state, and it would also have to meet specific criteria under a Membership Action Plan (MAP). One of the main requirements of the MAP framework, which has been used to bring seven countries into…

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Odyssey Twilight

…rventionism (of the kind Obama is revisiting in Libya) failed, in the end, to become an organizing principle for NATO under Bill Clinton, and the Europeans similarly lacked the stomach for George W. Bush’s global war on terror. The root of the problem is that the United States is at the center of an alliance structure of and for the Cold War. NATO is an anti-Russian military pact. Outside of this context, the alliance will always be plagued by it…

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Turkey Gets Engaged

…dst the chaos in Libya, Turkey has been walking a tightrope between its international obligations as a member of NATO and its regional ties to its neighbors and allies in the Middle East. The Turkish government, which is playing an increasingly important regional role and has the second-largest military within NATO, has been at the center of the discussion about the alliance with Libya. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan publicly clashed with French…

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Dire Straits

…ment has planned to invest more in quality than in quantity, mostly because Canada is but one part of the larger NATO Arctic strategy. In Denmark, the homeland of NATO’s current secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Greenland’s central geostrategic position has long been acknowledged. The status of Greenlandic-Danish relations regarding Greenland’s economic autonomy vis-à-vis Greenlandic natural resources had to be defined in a durable way, a…

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Pakistan and the U.S.’s Long Painful Breakup

…uandering of millions of dollars of foreign aid money by Pakistan’s venal politicians and the closure of a NATO transport route that ran out of southern Afghanistan. For the last year, Pakistan has demanded that NATO pay a hefty $5000 per truck to reopen the route, representing a 20-fold increase from the previous price. Pakistan has reasons to be upset as well, the greatest of which is undoubtedly the repeated forays of drones into the cou…

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In Ukraine, Two Disparate Futures of Geopolitics

…t supports Japanese claims to the Chushima (Kuril) Islands—a contentious point for Russia. Outside the Pacific, NATO troops should increase their presence in the Baltic states, Norway, and Poland, and NATO itself should construct new bases in Ukraine—both in friendly regions and close to the border with Russia. In Georgia, Turkish and NATO troops should be brought up to reinforce Georgian positions in the South Ossetian and Akhabazian borders. A…

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It’s Time to Stand Against Putin

…of the situation, undeniably necessary. Retired Admiral James Stavridis, the former supreme allied commander of NATO’s european forces, has written an excellent article on the responsibilities of NATO command in the present crisis, and I think that his calls for increased intelligence sharing, the movement of naval forces into the Black Sea, the readying of a quick reaction force and the drawing up of contingency plans are all excellent ways f…

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Air Combat over Eastern Ukraine

by   Putin  The Crimean crisis has persisted long enough for Russian troops to solidify their gains in the peninsula. The Ukrainian military, meanwhile, has mobilized its own forces—including its reservists—in response. As both sides rattle their sabers, the possibility of war becomes ever greater. The obvious question then arises: just how likely is it that Russian President Putin will […]

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East Meets West

…0 million in Georgia’s oil infrastructure. Georgia also hopes that deeper ties with western institutions such as NATO and the European Union will protect it from Russian interference. “Georgia’s central foreign policy plank,” said Welt, “is to get the US and EU to exert pressure and offer incentives in order to get Russia to withdraw support for the separatist movements.” He noted that, “as a result, gaining NATO membership has become Georgia’s n…

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