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Interview: #Yosoy132 Organizer Valeria Hamel

…had the opportunity to converse with Valeria Hamel, one of the spokespeople of the #YoSoy132 student movement in Mexico advocating for freedom of the press. She gave us insight into the upbringing of this movement and what it was like to organize the first independent student run presidential debate in the history of Mexico ahead of the July 1 election. Valeria is a 22-year-old law student at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México born into…

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Mexican Media Creates Sex Symbol, Dangerous Leftist

… His team includes brilliant minds like Marcelo Ebrard winner of the World Mayor award for his term as leader of Mexico City. There is nothing in his discourse and proposals that should make Mexicans think that the PRD candidate is a dangerous man. On the contrary, he has set clear center-left economic goals as a priority. He has no background of corruption and had a very successful term as mayor of Mexico City. In response some of Mexico’s most…

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Borderline Dysfunctional

…e. This is not a distant snapshot, but a reality close to home. Welcome to the world of narcocultura. Welcome to Mexico. Stretched across the Mexican landscape is a complex and diverse tapestry of rival drug lords and organizations pitched in constant war over drugs and profits. For decades, these cartels served as a middleman for the international illicit drug market because of Mexico’s strategic position along the porous American border. There…

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CPRoundup: Mitt’s Math

…rol the global oil markets and the forces of supply and demand. In order to put minds at ease, Obama visited New Mexico’s oil fields on Wednesday to show that domestic oil production exists and that he is trying to help the situation. As a New Mexico native, I can say that it takes a lot of guts to go to rural parts of the state as a Democrat and expect a warm welcome. I know the president means well, but he should probably aim closer to the Demo…

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Events 10/13 – 10/19

…please contact JoAnn Crawford by sending email to . Tuesday, October 14th La Crisis de Mexico 12:00pm – 1:30pm International Affairs Building, Room 1501 Talk with Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador. Part of the Leaders of Mexico Forum. Columbia Center for Mexican Studies. Talk will be in Spanish. For further information regarding this event, please contact David Luna by sending email to . All-Class Lectu…

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Egypt’s Mexican-Style Coup

…t for support to materialize for the government’s overthrow. Such interventions were at their most formalized in Mexico, where they were usually accompanied by written declarations of intent and plans for governance, which were often very detailed (it is noted that had the Declaration of Independence been signed in Mexico, it would have been called the Plan de Philadelphia). In Egypt, the army leaked its “road map” to the paper of record Al-Ahram…

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Primaries Are Important Too

by In this presidential election year, where Governor Romney became the presumed Republican nominee in May and President Obama is the Democratic incumbent, some states across the country are just now reaching state and congressional primary season. In June, California, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Arizona, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Virginia have already held their primaries. Except for Sou…

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Drill, Baby, Drill: Use American Energy Now, Not Never

by Bad news for Big Oil is thrilling for consumers – oil prices are plummeting amid economic uncertainty in Europe and the United States. Oil is now selling below $80 a barrel, and gas prices are coming down as well, which will surely be helpful to many a summer vacationer. The recent increase in domestic oil production, actually at the highest level ever, also contributes to the falling prices; the increased production is due to Bush…

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Death of a Penalty

by Four billion dollars spent on 13 lives over 35 years: This is what California’s capital punishment system looks like. Since the current system’s institution in 1978, only 13 people have been executed in 35 years, with the last execution in January 2006, at a total cost of $4 billion. The punishment’s price is remarkably high and, as of 2011, each execution is estimated to cost California $300 million. Meanwhile, multiple reports st…

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Umm… lo siento, no entender. No hablar español!

…e original tongue of the Inca Empire. Some estimate that Quechua has nearly 10 million speakers. Closer to home, Mexico City’s Mayor Marcelo Ebrard launched a 2006 initiative to have all city employees learn Nahuatl, the indigenous language of the Aztecs. The mythos surrounding native peoples is deeply entwined with the cultural identities of many South American nations. While the numbers of indigenous communities are small, a million or so in Me…

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