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A War on Women

…and other general health services through a cut in funding is analogous to the current situation of Americans on Medicaid, who theoretically have health insurance due to their low incomes but are unable to find any specialist willing to see them.  Budgetary cuts to the Medicaid program induced abysmally low rates of reimbursement jointly provided by the state and federal governments to physicians seeing Medicaid patients. Increased restrictions o…

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Modest Proposal: Misdiagnosis

by Illustration by Allison Cohen Paradigm shift. For most of us, the phrase is associated with scientific upheavals, but it is equally applicable to political discourse. Few modern issues have been so poorly discussed as President Obama’s flagship health care measure, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The massive discrepancy between the debate over this bill and the facts of the American health care system is a t…

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The Debt Offensive: Focusing on Entitlements

…the main determinants of the unsustainable path are entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The GAO states that “absent changes to federal entitlement programs, spending on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and interest on the federal debt will account for an ever-growing share of the economy.” To quantify, one of the simulations from the GAO’s January 2010 report estimates that “ninety-three cents of every d…

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Political Minutes: Moral Hazard in Healthcare

…instances of moral hazard seem to come after one is already sick. A groundbreaking randomized study of Oregonian Medicaid recipients showed that instead of behaving more riskily, patients’ use for services went up when they were covered by insurance regardless of how sick or healthy they were. Needless to say, this costs the system money. And the raison d’être of the Oregon study shows why this is problematic; the state was too poor to give Medic…

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Ace Forum: Healthcare III

…ief in the power of tradition and habit, would have likely, in my opinion, supported the gradualism of expanding Medicaid rather than the libertarian radicalism of Paul Ryan’s alternative health voucher proposal. For better or worse, social welfare programs like Medicare and Medicaid have become American “tradition and habit,” and our society is more stable when we choose to thoughtfully reform these institutions than to slash them in favor of wh…

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(My) Impending Healthcare Crisis

by When I broke the news to my parents this past Thanksgiving that I would not be seeking conventional employment after graduating this May, I was met with a surprising reaction: “You realize that you’re not going to be covered under our health insurance policy.” For a long time, I had been constructing a plan to show my parents that my decision not to work an office job was a viable path. Their revelation threw a wrench into my strate…

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The Best Solution Available

by Photo from Wikimedia Commons Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate could be attributed to many different factors, but I like to think that Romney, realizing that Democratic ads would continue to tie him to “The Ryan Plan To End Medicare As We Know It (Seniors Beware!),” decided that there could be no better way for his campaign to defend the plan than to add its architect to the ticket. According to a Pew Researc…

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A Tax By Any Other Name

by The preservation of most of Obamacare by the Supreme Court was originally seen as a monumental victory for the Obama administration and one that would surely help the incumbent president on the campaign trail. However, the way that the Court saved the law (they declared that the “individual mandate” was a tax rather than a penalty and therefore was within Congress’ constitutional authority) has caused Obama’s signature domestic ach…

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The Long Road of Sequester

by The sequester is here, folks, and with the House republicans and democrats still refusing to forgo their respective grudges, it looks like America’s economic future may be headed for yet another litter of painful setbacks. Originally conceived with the intent of forcing bi-party talks for economic rehab, the plan proposes huge cuts to federal defense and discretionary spending. The idea? To hit both parties where it hurts: i.e. majo…

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The Hot Potato

by When the dust clears, the recently realized sequestration maneuver will succeed to do at least one thing: to show Americans that our budget crisis cannot be solved without addressing entitlement spending. As of the spending cuts that were officially triggered this past weekend, the United States has at least started the grueling process of balancing its budget after decades of decadence, indulgence, mismanagement, and shortsightedn…

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