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The Emergence, Disappearance, and Existence of the Muslipublican

…ayeed Mohammed is still an adamant supporter of the Republican Party, and argues that by voting for Senator John McCain, his vote will go to a candidate with a reasonable immigration stance and policy experience. Publicity surrounding Senator McCain’s adoption of a daughter from Muslim Bangladesh has provoked both praise and consternation. The newest member of the McCain family has been seen as a sign of support for the Muslim community by some,…

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(My) Impending Healthcare Crisis

…d or SCHIP seems alarmingly implausible, without a more detailed strategy for funding. Republican candidate John McCain does not pursue universal healthcare as a goal; he would not seek to require Americans to carry health insurance, though he does acknowledge the need for extensive reform. McCain proposes to expand access for individuals and families by allowing people to buy health insurance nationwide (rather than only in-state) and permit the…

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Election 2012: Game Change 2.0

…been much buzz recently regarding who the GOP nominee will choose as a running mate, and rightfully so; as John McCain showed in 2008, the vice presidential pick can make or break a candidacy. In McCain’s case, even though Sarah Palin energized a formerly unenthusiastic base, her presence in the race ultimately led to Barack Obama winning in a landslide because the discussion became almost solely about Palin and her flaws, rather than Obama’s ab…

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Sleep After Election Day

by Although I’d read about how Obama —and to a lesser extent McCain — had inspired and mobilized a truly astounding number of volunteers, when I visited Obama’s local campaign office in New Hampshire a few days before the 2008 election, I couldn’t help but be over-whelmed by their energy and sense of urgency. “You can sleep after election day,” I heard one volunteer say, and this battle cry seemed to capture a truth of the 2008 preside…

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Wright-Wing Politics

by In the 2008 election, Senator McCain frequently criticized then-Senator Obama for his connection to, among other unsavory figures, the fiery and controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Recently, a pro-Republican Super PAC announced their plan to dig up the Wright card and use it against Obama in election advertisements. However, using Wright in any way to attack Obama, or even mentioning Wright at all, would be about the most foolis…

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Ready To Serve?

…eriCorps does, some of the positive impacts in society,” explained Matt Rimkunas, a legislative correspondent in McCain’s office. “There’s just a myriad of great benefits that come from AmeriCorps and all that has come together to help sway McCain’s opinion.” The conservative holdouts on AmeriCorps do indeed seem to be a dwindling (if obnoxious) minority, waging a rearguard battle. And one could argue that this vindicates the modern service movem…

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Blast from the Past: Citizens United; Columbians Divided

…) within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary, which had previously been the restriction of the McCain-Feingold Act since 2002. What does this mean for the way campaigns and policymaking are influenced in the future? Democrats (Janine Balekdjian): Citizens United cut against a century of both legal and judicial precedent, including the bipartisan McCain-Feingold Act of 2002, which the high court upheld in McConnell v. FEC (2003)…

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Physician, Heal Thyself!

by Euromaidan Protests (wikicommons) Finally, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama can both agree on something: they are both studiously following international law. President Obama claims that Crimea’s referendum to split off from Ukraine is a violation of international law while President Putin claims that his annexation of Crimea conforms to international law and precedent. Obvious question thus arise. D…

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Obama’s Stick: Big Enough?

by The 2014 midterm elections have made bleaker the already subdued possibilities of domestic policy for the Obama administration in its closing two years. Here, Ankeet Ball and Max Bernstein have turned their attention to Obama’s foreign policy. What doctrine constitutes Obama’s foreign policy thus far? What options are left to Obama in his final two years to complete foreign policy goals and strengthen American power abroad? And what…

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A Lesson from Libya

by From Wikimedia Commons Last week, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman coauthored an op-ed  that advocates that the United States arm Syria’s rebels. They argued that Syria’s rebels are not on a level playing field – al-Assad has a modern army and friends like Russia and China – and that, in the long run, the U.S. is in the best position if it curries favor with rebel groups now. For similar reasons, I agree. The senators…

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