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Morocco’s Growing Pains

…cco adorned with red and green. The Moroccan national flag was displayed at every street corner, and pictures of King Mohammed VI were hung in every restaurant. The country was preparing to celebrate Throne Day, the ten-year anniversary of King Mohammed VI’s ascension to the throne. In addition to its symbolic significance, the anniversary celebrated ten years of progressive reform: the democratization and increased respect for human rights evide…

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What’s Wrong with Obama?

…ample from the last fifty years is the civil rights movement. The myth that has been engendered is that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is eponymous with the civil rights movement, beginning with the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In fact, King was chosen to be the spokesperson for that boycott primarily because he was a young novice and consequently had no enemies in Montgomery who would resist his visible role on personal grounds. As the civil rights…

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Jordan: One Kingdom, Two Nations

…n; they did not support endangering an alliance with Israel deemed to be essential to their country’s interest. King Abdullah (wikicommons) And on a political level, the balance that King Abdullah has attempted to strike between Palestinian demands and Jordanian priorities revealed itself to be no such thing, but rather a clearly delineated hierarchy of national objectives, one that relegates the Palestinian narrative to the margins of the Hashe…

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The Blindfold of Justice

…e argument was and still is that neighborhood watch captain Zimmerman (a Hispanic) trailed and ultimately killed Martin (a Black) either fully or in significant part because of Martin’s race and prejudice on Zimmerman’s part. However, the jury spoke and the ruling has been made. This is naturally awkward to this politically-divided America. We live in an age where every ruling from our most public of courts – the Supreme Court – is met with insta…

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Is Jordan Next?

by King Abdullah II of Jordan Is Jordan next? Despite all the chatter, there are reasons to believe it isn’t, for now. Last week, Jordanians went to the polls to participate in undeniably flawed elections. An electoral system that heavily favored the pro-monarchy constituencies voted in a parliament that has reinforced King Abdullah’s rule, and has marginalized the opposition. Anticipating this farce, the two largest opposition partie…

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“It’s Good to be the King”

by Columbia Political Review: What do you think the gravest problem facing New York City is? What do you think New Yorkers’ biggest concern is? Congressman Anthony Weiner (D): The gravest problem facing New York is that our economic engine has stalled, and some of it is because those of us in government haven’t recognized that the true DNA of New York is not only finance and insurance and real estate, but also the energy, innovation, a…

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Teaching the A Team

…niversity education limited to the elite, but the ethic remains constant. Some of our greatest Americans—such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and W.E.B. Du Bois—benefited from this culture of acceleration, despite the challenges they faced. As the country grew, however, and as education became available to more and more people, regularization and standardization increased as policymakers, preaching guarantees of equality, sought reform. But other nati…

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Old Times There Are Not Forgotten

…t it was the end of American democracy. The Rev. Al Sharpton lamented that the Court had “canceled the dream” of Martin Luther King, Jr. Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.) said that the Court “stabbed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in its very heart.” Barbara Arnwine, President of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, angrily declared that “the South is rising again” and that we are “seeing the rise of the Neo-Confederacy.” Considering th…

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Political Minutes: Columbia Political Union Debate Series

…the Democrats, while Will Prasifka, CC‘12 and Taylor Thompson, CC ’14 represented the Republicans. Referring to Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in his opening statement, Baretta identified the rhetoric of equality that the United States champions and that affirmative action attempts to actualize. Baretta noted that only 41 percent of black men graduate from high school in the United States, indicating a marked lack of eq…

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Political Minutes: Reverend Jesse Jackson and Katrina vanden Heuvel

…s back on November 6 and in the streets on November 7. “ Jackson echoed with his own experience, saying, “Martin Luther King Jr. supported Kennedy over Nixon, but we still had the March on Washington” in 1963. While the speakers seemed to be coming from the same progressive position on issues of straight politics, the group showed more divergence on religion and its role in public life. Jackson is, in fact, still a Baptist minister in addition to…

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