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A Question of Vision

…Day exit polls revealed that 71 percent of Americans are worried about terrorism—only 46 percent of them picked Kerry—and a plurality pointed to either Iraq or terrorism as the driving reason for their vote. Obviously, as Kerry supporters found out on November 3, polls have only a limited predictive value. They merely confirm what everyone already knows; or, more precisely, should’ve known. In this case, they reinforced the reasons why John Kerr…

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Unshackling The DNC

…election, that of organizing in key states and identifying important issues in the campaign. A spokesman for the Kerry campaign also emphasized the cooperative effort between the two groups, saying “We are working closely with the DNC to get Senator Kerry’s message out to the country.” Still, those in the Kerry campaign seem to treat McAuliffe’s comments as a distraction that they wish would disappear, despite their appreciation for the effects t…

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Generation Blowhard

…rans for Truth. Formed to oppose John Kerry’s candidacy for president, they aired vicious attack ads questioning Kerry’s military record in a campaign that struck at many of Kerry’s top selling points— Veteran activist! Military expert! Human!— and was probably instrumental in toppling his potential presidency. But consider: the Veterans for Truth were made up of Vietnam veterans, but almost none of them served with Kerry. Founder John O’Neill ha…

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Ready To Serve?

…could have been more irked by the press attention the General got for his plan in October than poor, beleaguered John Kerry. The Massachusetts Senator unveiled his plan for national service—one that is far more detailed and in many ways even more ambitious than Clark’s—back in May. He set a goal of enlisting one million Americans a year in service programs by the end of the decade, and proposed an array of new projects to reach it. Unfortunately,…

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The Rise of Harry Reid

…W. Bush’s agenda. The war in Iraq was a case in point. Almost all the party’s leading figures, including Senator John Kerry, voted to support the war and refrained from raising serious doubts until almost a year after the invasion began. That shift corresponded with the meteoric rise of Governor Howard Dean, whose forceful condemnation of the President and the weakened Democratic Party invigorated the party’s anti-war wing, virtually compelling l…

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Playing the Zero-Sum like a Positive-Sum

by During his visit to Vietnam, US Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly asserted confidence in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). He expressed optimism about the future of the deal on August 7, 2015: “I’m very very confident that the TPP is gonna boost trade, improve worker standards, improve environment standards, have a consequence of really raising the standards of business for 40 percent of the global economy, and for that re…

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Physician, Heal Thyself!

…crisis as well. The West’s inconsistency in its response to the crisis is best exemplified by Secretary of State John Kerry’s assertion that, “You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in 19th-century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.” From late-night comedy to afternoon news, this cringe-worthy statement was (predictably) widely ridiculed by the media (“Invading countries on trumped up pretexts is our…

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Left on Main Street

…is a populist component to that because people are concerned about their jobs and circumstances,” he says. That John Kerry maintained a twenty-point lead over George W. Bush in Ohio’s more urban counties and still lost the state is a clear sign that, among other things, this “conservative populism” was at work in rural areas during the 2004 Presidential election. Two years later, in this fall’s midterms, my father received about fourteen points…

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Left Hanging

…went to press, the Democrats had not rallied enthusiastically around any national figure. They were fond of Sen. John Kerry when he ran for president, but the hollowness of their affection became evident immediately after the election, when Kerry dropped from view. Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is popular and articulate but has served in national office for fewer than four months and, as a junior senator, is abiding by the rules of propriety and…

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Giving Up the Gun

…fellow owners of firearms that they had little to fear from then-Senator Barack Obama (D—Illinois). Even Senator John Kerry (D—Massachusetts) found it necessary to awkwardly trot out his hunting gear shortly before the 2004 contest, although he got someone else to carry the dead goose. Placatory messages from left-wing figures, meanwhile, have given the right little to campaign on. “Democrats have been stepping away from the issue, so it fades fr…

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