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Divided by Definition

…ipped of connotations that bolster the “legitimacy of war.” This is a useful framework through which to consider Israeli and Palestinian semantics. Words like “security,” “occupation,” and “apartheid” all suggest the possible legitimacy of violent confrontations. Yet, these semantics reveal a much more pressing, endogenous obstacle to peace: Each side perceives the conflict ­– and each other – in very different terms. The Israelis have been accus…

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A Modest Proposal

…Hamas and Israel regarding an easing of the blockade on goods into Gaza. This shows a greater willingness on the Israeli side to recognize Hamas’s demands, and the greater leverage Hamas now holds to bring the Israelis to the table to advance its interests. Furthermore, on the domestic scene, Hamas has successfully vaulted itself onto the center stage of the Palestinian cause. With soaring poll numbers in the West Bank and Gaza, Hamas’s “resistan…

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Israel/Palestine Debates

…oppression, rather than a curtailment of individual freedoms. This is why I value it as a means of protest. Yes, Israeli academic institutions are part of the occupation and complicit in Israel’s discriminatory policies. First of all, the Israeli government denies Palestinians freedom of education by bombing schools in Gaza and restricting the freedoms of students in the Occupied Territories to the extent that the army can veto them when they app…

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Jordan: One Kingdom, Two Nations

by As Israelis and Palestinians continue to struggle towards a permanent peace, it is not uncommon these days to hear of altercations in the West Bank between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian inhabitants. Sometimes these altercations end in injury; other times in death. Frequently, they heighten tension and produce further resentment. But almost always (and unfortunately so) these incidents merely pass into the annals of history as a…

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Rockets of Hate, For the World to See

by from the Israeli Defense Forces Justice in Palestine is undoubtedly one of the most perennial, and intractable, issues from the 20th century still plaguing the Middle East. Achieving justice in Palestine is an Israeli cause, a Palestinian cause, an American cause, and a cause of anyone who respects peoples’ national rights and their rights to live in freedom and security. Both Israelis and Palestinians have acted irrationally in pu…

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…Bibi One More Time?

…nternational community than ever before. Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu hhave fundamentally different stances on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Much of modern Israeli political discourse regarding the issue focuses on the idea of a two-state solution where a Palestinian state is established in the West Bank and Gaza alongside Israel. Palestinians have called for Israel to cede all of the territory it conquered in the 1967 war, but Israel has been…

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The Raucous Caucasus

…lines and competing interests from Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the United States, this overlooked province and the conflict surrounding it have global implications. The conflict began with the Russian Revolution, when the Soviets conquered both Azerbaijan and Armenia, and turned them into Soviet Socialist Republics (SSRs). They decided to leave Nagorno-Karabakh, then roughly 94% Armenian, within Azerbaijan, and with a limited degree of autonomy. Th…

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Response to “The A-Word”

…lines was not, as Mr. Abboud claims, intended to satisfy settler demands. It was actually an act of good will to Palestinian travelers, in addition to settlers, to make their commutes easier and also to save Palestinian commuters from having to pay exorbitant prices for “pirate” bus lines. Palestinians are still permitted to ride the Israeli buses. Yes, the idea of separate buses is an eerie one and many Israelis have been quick to criticize them…

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Campus Conflicts

by With every new semester comes the opportunity for a fresh beginning. But as the Palestinian Authority awaits the Security Council vote on its third bid for statehood, any opportunity for novel approaches to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has disappeared from the world stage. The problem: Palestine’s bid for statehood is a blatant attempt to avoid negotiations. Not only does statehood violate earlier agreements, but is also a treme…

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The Laugh Heard from the West Bank

…n occupier may not forcibly deport protected persons into occupied territory.” Furthermore, the way in which the Israeli government has implemented the settlement policy has grossly disregarded the basic human rights of Palestinians. For one, Israel claims that the reason for the establishment of road blocks and checkpoints between Palestinian villages and cities is the maintenance of the safety of Israeli settlers. But it has had the effect of e…

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