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Grand Ol’ Pageant

…th Ryan Lizza’s piece in The New Yorker, Bachmann still managed to keep her verbal boo-boos to a minimum so that Iowans would make her their Ames Straw Poll queen. Bachmann’s only task to continue this trend and to fight off newcomer Rick Perry was to not appear crazy – to defy the media’s caricature. But when Ed Rollins jumped ship from the USS Bachmann, so did Bachmann’s “all politics is local” – or, in other words, “all politics is Iowa” – str…

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Buckeye Bull’s-eye

…in the bag, Romney runs into a problem here. For the sake of this scenario, let’s also throw Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, and New Hampshire into the Romney column. Even with all of those additions, Romney only stands at 267 votes. Wisconsin and Ohio are the only two tossups left; give Obama Wisconsin (Obama will probably win there), and there we have it – whoever wins Ohio wins the presidency. Among the tossups, even if Obama takes Wisconsin, Iowa,…

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

…Paul Ryan’s home state. Final verdict: Obama, though not, obviously, by the double-digit margin he won in 2008. Iowa: Romney’s campaign has made four appearances here in the last five days, indicating that they think it’s a possible victory—and therefore a valuable one, despite its fairly small (six) number of electoral votes. If there’s any small size swing-state I think Romney could win, it’d be Iowa, where he polls strongly with seniors (who…

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Numbers Game

by Mitt Romney is supposed to be a numbers guy, and after 1,144 (the number of delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination), the number on his mind is 270. After a bruising primary process that seems to have largely confirmed his many deficiencies as a candidate while highlighting none of his strengths, Romney is finally in position to clinch the top spot on the GOP ticket, assuming he doesn’t “step on a landmine,” as former…

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Looking Back to 2008; Looking Forward to Tomorrow

by From Wikimedia Commons, Barack Obama in Onawa, IA in 2007 To be very honest, I didn’t really care for Barack Obama when I first heard about him in 2008. He sounded like an inexperienced politician simply riding on a wave of political disenchantment, and the message of “change” and “hope” just seemed superficial to me. As the 2008 election neared, however, I started realizing that our country was really…

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Romney-Ryan Offers Hope for America

by photo from Wikimedia Commons The 2012 Presidential Election just got real: GOP nominee Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin representative and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan, the author of the Republican-approved Path to Prosperity budget proposal (often simply referred to as the “Ryan Plan”) that sought to rein in long-term deficit spending by reforming Medicare, is a dedicated fiscal conservativ…

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One Week Out

by An empty Times Square station from Wikimedia Commons Election seasons are often defined by three events. The debates, conventions, and V.P. picks. This cycle was no different. Pundits claimed these moments were Romney’s three opportunities to sell himself. And he did in the debate. But they’re all over now. So what’s left? What is there still to talk about except the hundreds of polls released everyday? Two events. Sandy, the reaso…

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Primaries Are Important Too

by In this presidential election year, where Governor Romney became the presumed Republican nominee in May and President Obama is the Democratic incumbent, some states across the country are just now reaching state and congressional primary season. In June, California, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Arizona, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Virginia have already held their primaries. Except for Sou…

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The Hunt For Red November: Explaining Republican Successes at the State Level

by Justin Phillips is a Professor of Political Science at Columbia University and a fellow at the Applied Statistics Center and the Institute for Social and Economic Research. His research focuses primarily on State- and local-level politics and their responsiveness to public opinion and voter preference, with special emphasis on the effect of institutions, polarization, and special interests on that responsiveness. Prof. Phillips’ pub…

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The Corn Conundrum

by If you are what you eat, then America is corn. It’s in just about everything we eat: soda, ketchup, English muffins, breakfast cereal, cookies, crackers, ice cream, BBQ sauce… hell, even cough syrup. It feeds the cattle that go into your hamburger. And now it’s going into our gas tanks as ethanol. It’s one of the nation’s most subsidized agricultural products; subsidies to corn farmers totaled about $5 billion in 2006. Recent increa…

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