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Asia’s Middle Child

by Consider this: Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. It has the largest population of Muslims, the second highest measure of biodiversity after Brazil, a very stable democracy despite its ethnic and geographic diversity and the potential to be a major player on the world stage in coming years. Yet Columbia University offers no courses on Indonesia and only two on all of Southeast Asia. How is it that Indonesia ha…

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Indonesia’s Tepid Response to ISIS

…Islam. As the world’s most populous Muslim majority country and its third largest democracy, it is expected that Indonesia would take a strong stance against ISIS. From a practical perspective, remaining neutral would suggest ambivalence, which would elicit the suspicion of “Western” countries (including Australia and New Zealand) with whom Indonesia trades heavily. From an ideological perspective, the values championed by ISIS are in direct oppo…

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Blurry Lines

…ndsay Sandiford, who was on 22 January sentenced to death for the trafficking of 10.6 pounds of cocaine in Bali, Indonesia. The British government has strongly rebuked the sentence, lamenting the barbarism of the verdict – the death penalty for a “nonviolent” crime – by a country that, apparently, ought to know better. The court in Indonesia, clearly, had not been reading from the same hymnbook as everyone else, going far beyond the prosecution’s…

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Regarding Henry

…now know exactly what was said in a meeting among Kissinger, President Ford, and President Suharto, dictator of Indonesia, on December 6, 1975 – the day before Indonesia invaded East Timor. Only the latest in a long list of revelations, this decades-old record proves once and for all that Suharto began the invasion knowing he had the full approval of the White House. It is an account quite contrary to the story Kissinger has told – in public, at…

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It’s Raining (Rich) Men

by Wikimedia Commons From a financial perspective, the last fifty years or so have not been kind to Southeast Asia. Emerging from the shadow of colonialism, Southeast Asian countries established governments that were, as a rule, economically disadvantaged by the two chief byproducts of corruption: economic inefficiency (leading to the enrichment of a small elite), and capital flight (the disappearance of those elites’ money from their…

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A Balancing Act

by After centuries of humiliation, domination, and colonization by the West, nearly three billion residents in the Pacific region are rising to claim what is rightfully theirs: economic prosperity, diplomatic influence, and national pride.  Yet this newfound power breeds new challenges for the United States policy in Asia. The greatest headaches for US policymakers arise, of course, from the People’s Republic of China’ new aim to radic…

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Rigging the System

…violence encroached on ExxonMobil’s facilities in the Arun gas fields in the chronically unstable state of Aceh, Indonesia, the company threatened to suspend operations unless the Indonesian government could create conditions under which its employees felt safe. Robert Gelbard, the US ambassador to Indonesia, reported concern that the loss of federal tax revenues from such a suspension could further weaken the already struggling new Indonesian go…

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by rms procurements are a great barometer for determining a state’s threat perceptions and the “pressure” of its environment. A weapons system provides discrete capabilities and is itself a response or counter to specific threats. In Southeast and East Asia, commentators have focused heavily on a perceived naval arms race. Regional states have started procuring weapon systems with a strong naval focus, with surface ships, submarines,…

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*Updated* Exciting Events March 3rd-9th

by In order to facilitate active political participation and discussion here at Columbia, CPR is happy to provide a rundown of this week’s on-campus events. If we missed anything, please let us know by emailing Web Editor Stewart Shoemaker at Tuesday, March 4th CPU Talks: Political Participation Time: 8:00-9:00pm Location: Hamilton 503 Students from three groups on campus will share their take on the given…

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From Sea to Shining…Puddle?

by   China, Indonesia, India—all developing countries. Like many industrial nations, they face numerous environmental challenges. Yet, while dangerous levels of smog in Beijing capture the headlines in the Western world, nine other Chinese cities experienced far more days of severe smog than the notoriously-polluted capital did. And the air quality isn’t the only problem: water contamination abounds in these […]

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