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Political Minutes: Rock Me Like A Herman Cain

by Tonight at 7pm in the rotunda of Low Library, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was scheduled to speak to an audience about taxes, youth, and pizza. After some waiting, CUCR President Tyler Trumbach introduced Cain, emphasizing that the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO’s experience in the business world (coupled with his campaign experience), gave him a unique voice and message. After the introduction and a short adve…

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by / on October 5, 2011 at 5:30 pm / in Domestic, Most Recent Column, Opinion

Yes, We Cain?

…numbers haven’t budged at all. In fact, all of the candidates have held steady for several weeks now, save one: Herman Cain, who jumped 10 points in one week and now ties Perry with an average of 17 percent support among Republican voters. Cain, a former pizza executive, happily reminds crowds that he has never held government office (which is code for losing every election in which he’s ever run). He may lack a typical politician’s resume…

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Political Minutes: Herman Van Rompuy

by Herman Van Rompuy A Wednesday afternoon discussion with Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, began with a fourteen-syllable break from the World Leader’s Forum weeklong stream of diplomatic rhetoric, written by the pen of the guest of honor himself: Different colours, tongues, towers and gods. I search my way. But moderator Victoria de Grazia, a professor of history at Columbia, questioned whether it was truly…

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Grand Ol’ Pageant

…Fed-bashing Ron Paul (whose political career over the past decade is a Homeric epithet) and the Pokémon-quoting Herman Cain (whose 9-9-9 plan confirmed that simplicity, truly, is marketing gold), defeat in the Republican primary has been a matter of allowing the media to package your campaigns into a central flaw. Success, all the same, has been a matter of defying the media’s labels. “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their ey…

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It’s That Time Again: Veepstakes!

by Okay, so I’ve put it off as long as possible, and there isn’t much time left now. But this was going to have to happen eventually so here goes. Veepstakes.   The No-Goes Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann went from making headlines for her bold Tea Party leadership two years ago to utter disgrace in her unwarranted questioning of Hillary […]

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CPRoundup: That’s all, folks!

…um keeps winning hearts so that he can take the White House in 2016! Vice President who? What do Sarah Palin and Herman Cain have in common? Very little, actually, but they’ve both been in the news again lately for their opinion on who Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate will be. Both Cain and Palin think that Florida Representative Allen West should be chosen to be second in line to the presidency, but they may not realize the gravity of t…

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

…reen Party nor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, will be our next president. We can also safely eliminate Herman Cain and the Rent-is-too-damn-high guy. Florida: In the words of Rick Hasen, “Florida is doing all it can to become the next Florida.” The Sunshine State just recovered from a series of controversies over attempts by its Republican governor, Rick Scott to stop early voting. The only thing I can say with any certainty about Flori…

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Editor’s Note

…ng 2012 presidential election. Taylor Thompson (15) gives his own take on the elections, focusing on the rise of Herman Cain, who has recently become the new favorite of political satirists.  Jordan Kalms (12) analyzes the rising influence of these political satirists on the mainstream media and the American public at-large. Neither the satirists nor the conventional anchors have been anything less than critical of Obama’s presidency, and in our…

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