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Conventional Wisdom

…tates was disproportionate to the share of the primary/caucus vote he received) by taking advantage of the state GOP conventions that select the delegates for the RNC. Due to Paul’s actions, the GOP has realized that the state convention-based approach, though it may encourage local engagement in the national Party, can lead to a serious disconnect between the will of the voting Party members and the actual selection of the nominee (considering t…

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The Grand Old Problem

…illegal immigration, it remains nonetheless an issue in which Hispanics have a vested interest. Simply put, the GOP will need to reach out to Hispanic voters in a meaningful way; perhaps a start could be to champion and pass the DREAM Act under the auspice that Obama’s short-term (and arguably monarchical) knockoff is insufficient. The GOP will not need to win over the majority of Hispanics, but to remain competitive nationally in the coming dec…

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Reading the Tea Leaves

…ented into the establishment, being at odds with many of their fundamental ideals. In order to differentiate the GOP from the Democratic Party and win elections, conservatives in recent years have strayed from their fundamental ideology and strategy. The GOP has shifted its ideology from the political embodiment of true conservative ideals, such as capitalism, individual freedoms, small government, low taxes, and fiscal responsibility, to the pra…

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…e currently raging in Congress: Republican congressional leaders are desperately scrambling for as many swayable GOP legislators as possible to avoid looking like the party that opposed a sweeping reform bill that passed anyway (or of course even worse: the party that killed the bill). Beyond this though, the GOP brand now finds itself in a no-win situation: to avoid (no pun intended) alienating its base the party legislators cannot be seen as to…

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Get Out of the Kitchen

…e pursuing the Democratic agenda and his failures in his stint as Senate Majority Leader, a sudden switch to the GOP to run for mayor would not be successful.  However, potential bids from Catsimatidis, McDonald, and Allon are likely to diminish the probability of Smith making a serious run for City Hall. The three candidates who have expressed interest in running for mayor since Malcolm Smith’s declaration are far better choices for the GOP nomi…

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Too Right to Be Wrong

…ated warnings from Speaker Boehner himself that a government shutdown could adversely affect the standing of the GOP, the hardliners held firm. They threatened the unity of the Republican Party and undermined the credibility of Boehner at the negotiation table with the President, despite the fact that most objective observers and GOP insiders saw defunding Obamacare in October as a lost cause. So why did these Tea Party congressmen view a platfor…

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Marriage Equality Republicans Face Primaries

…ator James Alesi, the Rochester Republican who decided to retire rather than face a significant challenge in the GOP primary on account of his support of marriage equality. Important to note, however, is the extreme voter fatigue currently permeating throughout New York.  New Yorkers have already gone to the polls for both the congressional primaries and the presidential primary on two different dates.  This caused a significant drop in GOP turno…

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The Trump Trouble for GOP Senators in 2016

by Although presidential candidate Donald Trump has been having a tough time after his loss in the Wisconsin primaries, he is still poised to win the nomination at the Republican National Convention. Unlike Ted Cruz and John Kasich, he has a fairly good chance of breaking the magic number of 1237 delegates. And even if he falls short of the cutoff, he will probably still walk away with a plurality of delegates, which could be enough fo…

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Romney-Ryan Offers Hope for America

by photo from Wikimedia Commons The 2012 Presidential Election just got real: GOP nominee Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin representative and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan, the author of the Republican-approved Path to Prosperity budget proposal (often simply referred to as the “Ryan Plan”) that sought to rein in long-term deficit spending by reforming Medicare, is a dedicated fiscal conservativ…

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Election 2012: Buying Percent

…ulation. After Democrats had denounced Republicans for intruding on the right to contraception, for example, the GOP declared the Democrats responsible for the recent decline in female employment  due to their lack of leadership on economic policy. Each side has been using its opponent’s arguments against them, but polls show that women aren’t buying into the GOP’s rhetoric. However, class divisions could become an even more significant battlefro…

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