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Dude, Where’s my capital?

…gnifying the voice of these smaller groups, so that these issues ultimately end up on the official agenda at the G20 or OECD: groups with the cooperative power that the task of addressing legal corruption requires. In a promising development that took place   this last March, TI raised its voice on the “stolen assets” of recently deposed Middle Eastern leaders. Crucially, TI called on the G20 to establish financial transparency and cooperation wi…

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Occupation Nation

by Illustration by Stephanie Mannheim Recently, the Washington Post ran an editorial by Ed Rogers called “OWS is over.” Writing that the movement “never constituted any class, or even a sub-class, to begin with,” Rogers argues, “It is possible the OWS movement will infest public space again. But they won’t be forming the core of Obama reelection rallies – or at least he hopes not.  Only the most marginal Democratic officials would app…

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Asia’s Middle Child

by Consider this: Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. It has the largest population of Muslims, the second highest measure of biodiversity after Brazil, a very stable democracy despite its ethnic and geographic diversity and the potential to be a major player on the world stage in coming years. Yet Columbia University offers no courses on Indonesia and only two on all of Southeast Asia. How is it that Indonesia ha…

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