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Left on Main Street

…mbent Mike DeWine. The tour targeted towns like Defiance, small and conservative enclaves typically dismissed by Democrats focusing on Ohio’s liberal base. Come Election Day, the tactic would prove effective after all; reaching out to towns that had been off the map for the national Democratic Party for years invigorated Democratic campaigns across the country. Democrats retook Congress with a gain of six seats in the Senate and thirty in the Hou…

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Left Hanging

…as if they’re going to ignore these people, but it’s a pretty weak media platform.” The most convenient way for Democrats to garner media attention is to appear on TV debate shows, which thrive on an atmosphere of hostility. It’s convenient because shows like those need two opposing sides, which, in the narrow confines of TV talk, usually means plucking guests from different points on the liberal- conservative spectrum. Thus, Democrats are invit…

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Unshackling The DNC

…the attention of the media. Yet even as the DNC becomes more able than ever to take up the role of spokesman for Democrats at large, the party leadership becomes ever more nervous about letting it grow out of its archaic traditional role. For Democrats, the last few years have been almost painful to watch. Ever since Al Gore removed himself from the public eye in the spring of 2001, Democrats have been rudderless and without a leader. Confused de…

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A Question of Vision

…rowing pile of polling data confirms the logic of common sense: foreign policy matters. A lot. That Vision Thing Democrats did do a couple things right. Unlike in previous elections, “we weren’t scared to talk about foreign policy this time around,” said Michael Pan, a former State Department official now working at the Center for American Progress. Additionally, Democrats raised in the “Vietnam era of activists never were calling for the US to w…

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The Anti-Politicians

…s. For example, the California recall, though initiated by Republicans, had a fairly broad appeal: 24 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of Independents voted “yes” on the recall. Though most Dean supporters are Democrats—it is, after all, still the Democratic primary season—he has the potential to attract support from non-Democrats. Already, a “Republicans for Dean” website has been established, as has a “Dean Independents” website. Of course,…

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by / on November 9, 2010 at 1:36 am / in Domestic, Op-Ed, Opinion

“Do Ask, Do Tell,” Say The Columbia Democrats

…d in the script read by students to the White House comment line in a phone-banking campaign run by the Columbia Democrats. The Columbia Democrats also expressed their disagreement with the Justice Department’s decision in a petition with well over a thousand signatures. In addition to the written petition, Columbia students and residents of Morningside Heights—even tourists from France and the Netherlands—signed ribbons that read “Support All of…

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Romney-Ryan vs. Obama-Biden vs. Us

…they all forgot one thing:Us. Neither Ryan nor Biden, neither Romney nor Obama, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats represent us, the majority of the United States. On almost every issue, the accepted “bipartisan” debate is so narrow that it basically doesn’t exist. The only measurable difference is that the Democrats pay lip service to the exploited and oppressed. So Ryan laughs in the face of 97 percent of American scientists  by implyin…

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The Rise of Harry Reid

…President and the weakened Democratic Party invigorated the party’s anti-war wing, virtually compelling leading Democrats to follow suit. Bush’s reelection in November left the Democrats in a bind. They had to decide whether their defeat was the result of Kerry’s Dean-lite rhetoric or the product of his other shortcomings. Both conclusions suggested a definite course of action. If the vocal opposition was the problem, then the Democrats had to f…

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Shifting Senate

…State Senate held on November 6th, two results have yet to be announced as ballots continue to be counted.  The Democrats had control of one more Senate seat than the Republicans after results from sixty-one elections were finalized. Despite the fact that the Democrats are almost assured to win one of the two remaining Senate seats, their majority is far from inevitable.  Two years ago, the four-member Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) for…

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Courting Ideology

…. Bork’s nomination led to violent debate on the Senate floor and across the country. When the dust had settled, Democrats succeeded in defeating Bork’s nomination 58-42, and Republicans settled for the much less polarizing Anthony Kennedy. Had the Democrats not considered Bork’s ideology, the most extreme dissents of Justices Scalia and Thomas would now likely be majority opinions. Miguel Estrada, unlike Bork, has almost no paper trail. He has n…

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