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Shifting Senate

…nly stated publicly that recognition of the IDC as a conference equal in status to the Republican Conference and Democratic Conference is a must. Also complicating the Democrat’s hope to take the majority from the Republicans was Democratic Senator-elect Simcha Felder’s announcement that he will support the Republican Conference’s bid to retain the majority. The Democratic State Senators should learn from their mistakes in 2010, when the leadersh…

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Arab Springs To No Avail

…e especially rejoiced in the Arab Spring. Would Israel finally find peace with fellow democracies that share its democratic ideals? This initial excitement has led to the sobering realization that dethroning dictators cannot single-handedly create democratic societies. For the Arab Spring to succeed and for Israel to enjoy peace, neighboring countries must become not just democratic in name, but also democratic in values. Few Arab countries have…

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Unshackling The DNC

…he party still runs the risk of similar exile some day in the future. As long as the unity of the ever-fractious Democratic constituency is tied up in party leaders threatened by term limits and local electoral battles, the party remains one unlucky election away from disarray. Fortunately, they already have a perfect candidate to take responsibility for a party-wide message—the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The national committees of the…

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Turkey Election: Trading off Democratic Rights for Stability

…ty group jumped right into fulfilling citizens’ demands that Turkey join the European Union. This led to largely democratic reforms including abiding by Europe’s human rights norms, protecting citizen’s political and social rights despite ethnic and religious identity, and the acknowledgement of minorities in Turkey, especially the Kurdish population. Recently, however, the AKP has slowly begun to diminish democratic norms within Turkey and has s…

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A New Shade of Green

…cked monarchy. These progressive, autonomous elements, often espousing the establishment of a republic guided by democratic values and social equality, endured the brunt of long-term repression under the Shah’s rule. By 1979, these democratic movements united with clerical leaders, including the influential Ayatollah Khomeini, in total opposition to the monarchy, often sharing the rhetoric of anti-imperialism in their attempts to affirm the sover…

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Cuomo in Control

…pendent swing voters to candidates like Addabbo and O’Brien. Why hasn’t Cuomo displayed more leadership over the Democratic effort to regain control of the Senate? There has been wide speculation that Cuomo is running for President in 2016.  If we take this as fact, it becomes clear that a divided state legislature (a Republican Senate and Democratic Assembly) helps Cuomo remain moderate for a general election in 2016. If the Democrats gained con…

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The Hunt For Red November: Explaining Republican Successes at the State Level

…g the trend of midterm elections, it is likely Republicans will continue to occupy Congress with force even if a Democratic candidate ascends to the presidency in 2016. If you think the idea of a Democratic president with an increasingly divided government is daunting, the news only gets worse for Democrats at the state level. As of the most recent round of gubernatorial elections in 2015, 31 Republican governors preside over state governments. O…

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The Anti-Politicians

…s out positions that are too liberal. For example, Al From and Bruce Reed, heads of the moderate and influential Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), referred in a memo this May to the “McGovern-Mondale wing” of the Democratic party, “the wing that lost 49 states in two elections, and transformed Democrats from a strong national party into a much weaker regional one.” McGovern’s defeat still haunts the Democratic Party, and there are many who fea…

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The Rise of Harry Reid

…l climate. Reid normally exhibits outspoken moderation, which is emblematic of the larger uncertainty within the Democratic Party as a whole. Head of the class Two years ago, no member of the Democratic leadership would have uttered such a bold statement. After 9/11, many Democrats chose the path of compromise rather than forcefully oppose President George W. Bush’s agenda. The war in Iraq was a case in point. Almost all the party’s leading figur…

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A Question of Vision

by Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry had an impressive biography but no coherent policy vision. Stuck in the wilderness for at least another two years, the Democratic Party has conjured the spirits of conventional wisdom, and they have spoken. “The Democrats produce a litany of concerns, while the Republicans have a narrative,” says James Carville. “Democrats must speak in a language that allows all voters to know we…

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