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Left Hanging

…by Illustration by Aaron Rosenberg If a donkey brays in the woods, but nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Democrats must wonder. And what makes them all the more ignorant is that donkeys aren’t normally found in the woods. In the elections of 1954, the Democratic Party gained control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. It was not to lose control of either chamber until 1980, and, even then, it held onto the House, Senate, or pr…

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Race Won’t Win the Race

…of the New York City Mayor’s office from 1994 to 2014 is especially impressive as there are over six registered Democrats for every one Republican in the five boroughs.  In each of the five elections over the twenty year period, the Republican Party has managed to put forth a strong, moderate leader with cross-party appeal who has won despite the Democrat’s heavy registration advantage.  At first glance it may seem too miraculous to be true, but…

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Shifting Senate

…State Senate held on November 6th, two results have yet to be announced as ballots continue to be counted.  The Democrats had control of one more Senate seat than the Republicans after results from sixty-one elections were finalized. Despite the fact that the Democrats are almost assured to win one of the two remaining Senate seats, their majority is far from inevitable.  Two years ago, the four-member Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) for…

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Get Out of the Kitchen

…ia Publisher and 2013 mayoral hopeful Tom Allon announced Monday that he will switch his party registration from Democrat to Republican to sidestep the already crowded Democratic Primary. Allon made his announcement in front of the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan Monday morning. His campaign is to represent a fusion of the two parties, combining fiscally conservative values with liberal social policy. The GOP primary will be considerably l…

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The Hunt For Red November: Explaining Republican Successes at the State Level

…in this process it just is not the whole story. A new census—what does that mean? It does not mean very much if Democrats still do not have the control, still are not drawing these legislative districts. Say the Republicans really do nominate Donald Trump, which I think is kind of a suicide mission for the party. What would probably happen is that Democrats would suddenly regain control of a lot of state legislatures and governorships, because R…

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Do Obama and Romney Even Know What Foreign Policy Is?

by photo from Wikimedia Commons Foreign policy is not a game. It is not a contest, it is not a place to show off, and it must transcend mere politics. It is easy to draw red lines for Iran; it is hard to make Iran abide by them. It is easy to criticize China’s corrupt trade policies; it is hard to make China follow American rules. It is easy to condemn human rights abusers worldwide; it is hard to bring them to justice. It is easy to…

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Life of the Party No More

…president. And while he may not encompass every last contour of “change” or “hope”, he certainly symbolizes the Democratic Party. Going back to the top. The Democrats have a very deep bench, and they utilized it to remind the American people that they love their President. The DNC was about rallying behind the President, defining the President, but for the first time in 8 years, also showed the Democratic Party is greater than this one man. He’s…

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Letter to a Young Candidate

by Dear young candidate, A few years back I, too, was a hardworking, idealistic college student who, like many politically active students, thought I might run for office one day. Friends of mine would join me to discuss politics as I tended bar after class at the West End (now Havana Central). We talked about political races the way most people discussed football stats. To us, watching Meet the Press on Sunday mornings was as exciting…

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Obama Strategizes to Excite his Base for November

…allup poll found that when compared to previous elections, 51% of Republicans/Republican leaners and only 39% of Democrats/Democratic leaners feel more enthusiastic about the upcoming election. In 2008, it was 61%-35%, a 26-point advantage for the Democrats.   These numbers must be quite alarming to Obama’s campaign, because he had benefitted from high levels of enthusiasm in 2008, and because Governor Romney is trouncing him in fundraising. Solu…

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Left on Main Street

…mbent Mike DeWine. The tour targeted towns like Defiance, small and conservative enclaves typically dismissed by Democrats focusing on Ohio’s liberal base. Come Election Day, the tactic would prove effective after all; reaching out to towns that had been off the map for the national Democratic Party for years invigorated Democratic campaigns across the country. Democrats retook Congress with a gain of six seats in the Senate and thirty in the Hou…

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