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Classroots Activism

…successfully organize. Nowhere has this transformation been more apparent than in last year’s teacher strike in Chicago. Although the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is technically barred by law from striking over any issues other than salary, benefits, and procedures, President Karen Lewis insists that the goal of the strike went beyond mere contractual disputes. Teachers’ unions, Lewis said in an interview with Democracy Now, have for too l…

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Red Hot Chile-crats

…e free markets and preventing the manipulation of rules by vested interests. The influence and visibility of the Chicago Boys grew to such an extent that they were even able to organize for Pinochet to meet Friedman, after arranging his attendance at a conference presided over by many other neoliberal notables. Despite the ostensible success of the Chicago Boys, actual economic conditions in Chile barely improved after Allende’s fall. By the earl…

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The Shared Hypocrisy of Rahm and Barnard

by from Wikimedia Commons A women’s college president demanding drastic cuts to maternity leave for employees? Obama’s former chief of staff attempting to ram through more racist school reform in what some already call an apartheid school system? How can these folks, whom we expect to be leaders in the fight to end sexism and racism, be the ones behind these attacks? The first thing to do is to look at the facts. The office workers an…

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Giving Up the Gun

…nt, however, has never been incorporated against the states. Now, a pair of cases, National Rifle Association v. Chicago and McDonald v. Chicago, seems poised to accomplish just that. A host of legal experts, including Spitzer, concur that the Court will incorporate the Second Amendment against the states after McDonald v. Chicago’s oral arguments in March. The National Rifle Association, which hesitated to back Heller’s case out of concern that…

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Occupy Wall Street: A Birthday in Context

by from Wikimedia Commons People are asking, what’s going to happen on September 17? It’s hard to believe it’s been only one year since OWS began. Lenin described this phenomenon almost a century ago, “There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.” This past year was a year of such weeks, and now the first anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park is just around the corner. September 17 will be a…

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Pakistan and the U.S.’s Long Painful Breakup

by President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari with the Obamas Over the last week, the US-Pakistan diplomatic imbroglio has thickened. A Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, was apprehended last year for his collusion with the CIA. In Pakistan, it is illegal to be on the payroll of any foreign intelligence agency. Afridi had orchestrated a false vaccination scheme, which was actually designed to gather DNA samples on the residents of Abbottab…

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Points for Participation

by Illustration by Justin Walker The Obama campaign’s direct and wide-scale efforts to mobilize the public in 2008 resulted in voter turnout rates unheard of since the 1960s. However, a report released by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University predicts that there will be a drop in voter turnout for the 2012 elections due to political disenchantment among young voters. As the report summarizes, “Obam…

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Healthcare Industry Fights Against Self, Wins

by for CPR I want to delve more deeply into how the health insurance industry won its vision of health care reform at the expense of the vast majority of Americans. The industry played both sides of the U.S. two-party system. The industry does this by giving politicians and parties millions of dollars, by employing former politicians and party staffers as lobbyists and executives, and by sending those lobbyists and executives back int…

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Rain Check for Reform

by With his feet planted firm on the sand, Hank Iori squinted as he scanned the beach shoreline – spotting ramshackle homes, transplanted utility pipes, and scattered debris in every glimpse of his hometown Rockaway, Queens. “FEMA and the federal government have done a marvelous job cleaning up the blocks and getting sand off the streets, but that money dries up,” he told reporters at Newsweek. Out-of-pocket-costs, too, became a daily…

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The War of Alawite Aggression?

by We don’t want bread or tahina, we want freedom for our prisoners. Butheina Sha’aban, the Syrian people aren’t hungry… The people want the fall of the regime!” These were chants from initial protests in Dera’a from the parents of incarcerated child prisoners in March 2011 after Butheina Sha’aban, President Bashar al-Assad’s adviser, told him to increase food subsidies instead. In March 2011, the citizens of Dera’a in the south of Syr…

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