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A Response to A Kidnapped Debate

by On July 6th, my colleague David Silberthau wrote a column in these pages arguing against the politicization of the kidnapping and murders of Eyal, Naftali, and Gilad. Without writing so explicitly, the point David was making was this: it is a mistake to attribute the savage actions of the murderers to the Palestinian population as a whole, as some have grossly done on social media in recent days. About this, David is entirely correc…

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The Crisis in Gaza

by On June 12th, three Israeli teenagers—Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel—were kidnapped in the West Bank. The kidnappings set off a firestorm of controversy and accusations, and tensions only heightened when, on June 30th, the bodies of the three teens were found in shallow graves, murdered by members of Hamas. And sadly, revenge was sought: six Israeli extremists were recently captured and charged with the retaliatory m…

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The Bandit And The Bully

by Illustrations by Kaela Chambers As he officially announced the 2014 vote for an independent Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond looked and sounded as earnest as ever. His normally ruddy complexion was tempered by the soft light of the Scottish Parliament’s chambers as he revealed an inconspicuous pamphlet to his colleagues: “Your Scotland. Your Referendum.” The document was to be, as Salmond put it, an outline for the people of h…

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David and Goliath

by Image Taken By Israel Defense Force Benjamin Netanyahu’s rather literal interpretation the concept of a “red line” at the United Nations last month puzzled many, but it should draw as much worry as it draws laughter. It is no secret that Israel and the United States would prefer an Iran without nuclear weapons. Yet, the Obama administration’s disapproval of a unilateral Israeli strike and its lack of interest in initiating its own…

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Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Politics

…sand watt smiles shine from the sidebars of your favorite website. And “trending articles” on Facebook bring the campaign to basically every college kid’s computer screen. Plus there are always the old faithful negative television spots and political talk show hosts. The proof is in the pudding. If campaigns believed that people didn’t start paying attention until after Labor Day, then why have they spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads un…

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Political Minutes: The Road to November 6

…of protests at the highly visible upcoming party conventions or the G8 summit, which has recently been moved to Camp David from the original Chicago. Warren and Gitlin disagreed, however, about the nature and origin of the current Occupy Wall Street movement. Gitlin drew a comparison to the liberal energy felt during the 2008 Obama campaign, whereas Warren said that the historical parallel he would draw would be to the first progressive populist…

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Rockets of Hate, For the World to See

…e made some bold efforts to achieve peace, in such historic agreements including the Oslo Accords and the second Camp David talks. But for all this symmetry, there is one blatantly asymmetrical element to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This element is a dangerous one, and it was illustrated most recently in last week’s Israel-Hamas war: there is a viciousness about certain Palestinian groups and ideologies that threatens to ceaselessly delay t…

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Self-Made Mad Men

…ambasted it as a cheap trick, while others probed for deeper meaning. Slate’s John Swansburg, part of the former camp, felt that he had been played; as demonstrated in the season finale, Weiner’s character development has been a bit too “fast and loose.” And the proposal to Megan “felt like a big, disappointing step back.” In response to the outcry, advocates of the episode quickly ran to their keyboards. The Awl’s David Cho wrote an article titl…

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Don’t Worry Yet

…ering aid to the Egyptian military and the military respects its peace treaty with Israel. In 1979 following the Camp David Accords, the United States brokered a peace treaty between Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat. Since then, Egypt’s military has received billions of dollars to maintain the peace. During her visit to Egypt and Israel, Clinton discussed Egyptian-Israeli relations and US efforts to maintain cordial relations. Clinton stated that “…

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Benghazi: The Definitive Report

by Jack Murphy, a political science major in the Columbia University School of General Studies, served for eight years in the United States Army before coming to Morningside Heights. He is managing editor of, a special operations news and information site. His new book, Benghazi: The Definitive Report, co-authored with former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, is among the first accounts of the September 11, 2012 attack on the America…

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