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…a decreasing disparity between those who do and don’t support legalization: this time , only 54 percent of Californians rejected the proposition to legalize pot. However, the growing support for marijuana legalization raises important questions about why the California proposition failed. Statistician Nate Silver, founder of the polling aggregation website, notes that the fate of such socially sensitive ballot measures i…

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Death of a Penalty

by Four billion dollars spent on 13 lives over 35 years: This is what California’s capital punishment system looks like. Since the current system’s institution in 1978, only 13 people have been executed in 35 years, with the last execution in January 2006, at a total cost of $4 billion. The punishment’s price is remarkably high and, as of 2011, each execution is estimated to cost California $300 million. Meanwhile, multiple reports st…

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Self-Made Mad Men

…. Something wasn’t right as the scene cut from Don and family recovering from a calamitous milkshake spill in a California diner: Don was sitting on his bed in his New York apartment in deep contemplation. Questions buzzed in my mind: Where was my California sun? Was this a dream sequence? Alcohol-induced memory lapse? Would I ever see Don Draper in a skimpy bathing suit again? And there she was in his bed, Megan Calvay—Don Draper’s secretary/on…

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Seeing Through the Fog

by We all know what’s going on in Washington: somehow health care, the driest of all dry political issues, has become the most incendiary topic in politics. Politicians are shrieking at the President, constituents are fired up about… something, and grown men are crying into their pillows at night. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, someone is paying his or her bill after a lovely meal and smiling at the fact that a surcharge…

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Warrants for Torrents

…o assumed the role promptly after leaving office in early 2011. Due to the media industry’s presence in southern California, a large amount of the direct contributions made to candidates on behalf of the MPAA and RIAA go to local politicians. In 2012, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California received over $16,000 in contributions from the two associations and former Representative Howard Berman of California’s 28th congressional district received j…

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Primaries Are Important Too

by In this presidential election year, where Governor Romney became the presumed Republican nominee in May and President Obama is the Democratic incumbent, some states across the country are just now reaching state and congressional primary season. In June, California, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Arizona, Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Virginia have already held their primaries. Except for Sou…

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For Better or Worse: How the Electoral College Affects How Candidates Do Business

…s than pure numbers – after all, it is not likely that Romney will expend much political capital in New York and California, nor that Obama will put up a fight for Texas. Both candidates have already ceded defeat in many of the fifty states, for the simple reason that such states side so consistently with one party that any major attempt by the other to win those votes would be futile. It is as if certain states – among them Illinois, California,…

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Electoral Dysfunction

by On January 15, 2013, Rachel Maddow revealed that Republican-controlled legislatures in several states where President Barack Obama won in the last election are considering changing the way they send delegates to the Electoral College. Instead of electing the president on a winner-take-all basis, these states propose splitting their electoral votes proportionally based on which candidate wins a majority in each individual congress…

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Events 10/06 – 10/12

…ia. Professor Wei received his MS in business administration (finance) and Ph.D. in economics from University of California, Berkeley. Lawrence Lau received his B.S. degree (with Great Distinction) in Physics from Stanford University in 1964 and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1966 and 1969 respectively. He joined the faculty of the Department of Economics at Stanford University in 1966, be…

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Political Minutes: Affirmative Action On And Off Campus

by The African Students Association hosted its final political round table of the year on Monday, April 16, in Lerner Hall. The event, titled “Affirmative Action Past, Present, and Future: What it is, What it isn’t, and Why it matters,” featured media watchdog Janine Jackson, Columbia Law School professor Ted Shaw, history professor Eric Foner, and Columbia president Lee Bollinger. The topic of affirmative action, and the many ways in…

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