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Bribe and Punishment

…s worn during street protests and currently being mass produced for the February’s Carnival festivities. To many Brazilians, the mensalão trial represents a shift in the impunity paradigm that has defined and supported political abuse in Brazil throughout its history. Denise Moura, a historian at São Paulo State University, traces corruption in the country back to the 16th century, when the Portuguese Royal Court encouraged government bureaucrats…

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Gunning For Brazil

…against the Guaraní does not only amount to a human rights violation under international law—it also reveals how Brazil’s decentralized private security industry is systematically implicated in violence against indigenous peoples. Given the context of Brazil’s untrustworthy law enforcement, small security firms complicate the ongoing global discussion on regulating larger, multinational private military and security corporations (PMSCs). The arme…

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Lessons from Brazil

…rning Portuguese in the fall of 2013 that I first spoke with my parents about my intention to spend some time in Brazil. I could tell that my mom was a bit nervous about my going, despite her knowledge that an essentially free trip sponsored by a Foreign Language and Area Studies grant was not something I could turn down. At the time, Brazil had been getting a lot of negative coverage in the U.S., with all of the last-minute (read: Brazilian) pre…

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Corrupting the Cup

…sília on June 15 2013, after years of struggling to recover the famed jogo bonito (“beautiful play”) of old, the Brazilian national team finally managed a convincing display and comfortably dispatched Japan 2-nil to kick off the Confederations Cup, the tournament that serves as a test run for the next year’s World Cup. The highlight of the day, however, was nowhere to be found on the match reel. Earlier, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff came to…

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The Bigger Picture in Brazil

…y managed to elude the gaze of international sports fans. Of course, that’s not to say that all is well in Brazil. In early January, Brazilian “Presidenta” Dilma Rousseff and her administration were criticized by FIFA President Sepp Blatter for just how unprepared Brazil is for the Cup, stating that “no country has ever been so far behind in preparations.” Protests have continued to rock the streets of Brazil, with particularly loud cries o…

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Petrobras and the Brazilian Presidential Election

…Agência Brasil [1]. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0-br via Wikimedia Commons In the most recent Brazilian presidential debate between Marina Silva, Dilma Rousseff, and Aecio Neves, there was a discussion about the future of oil in Brazil, specifically in regard to continued deep sea drilling. Rousseff, the current president, claimed to see this type of drilling as crucial to the continued support of public services in Brazil, whi…

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Lawyers, Guns, and Money

by   When Americans discuss Brazilian politics, there are a few major topics that tend to come up. Lately, we tend to hear a lot about the World Cup, but economic inequality and political corruption are also common sources of debate. Less topical but still of utmost importance, however, is the Brazilian judicial system. To be fair, the judiciary itself […]

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Political Minutes: Roots of Brazilian Impunity

…ndal in 2005, which threatened to bring down the government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The scandal broke when Brazilian Congressional Deputy, Roberto Jefferson told a Brazilian newspaper that the ruling party, Partido dos Trabalhadores had paid numerous Congressional deputies 30,000 reais every month in order to vote for the legislation favored by the ruling party. This scandal was an optimistic turning point in the history of Brazilian politi…

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Brazil’s Uncertain Future

…r]Aecio Neves, by PSDB MG [CC-BY-2.0] With a presidential election run-off to take place in just a couple weeks, Brazil is at a crossroads. Over the course of the first decade of the 21st century, Brazil had its cake and ate it too, with both record levels of economic growth and large decreases in inequality. Annual growth averaged 3.7 percent and the country’s GINI index dropped an impressive 9 percent, from 60.1 in 2011 to 54.7 in 2009. Despite…

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Glow Sticks and AK-47s

…ildren attend schools where teachers simply refuse to show up, leaving them, on average, one to two years behind Brazil’s already dismal standards. Bear in mind, all of this is less than a mile away from the heart of Brazil’s Louis Vuitton toting noveau riche. In Brazil, income inequality is not a passe  debate confined to academic circles. It is as blatant as a gun in your face. For all of the Goldman Sach’s-induced media frenzy over South…

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