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Paki-standing Alone

…ecurity and low-returns deals with Pakistan, an unstable economy that lacks a clear program for growth? And will Beijing continue its heavy political and economic engagement with Pakistan? Some arguments point to increasing the distance between Beijing and Islamabad. Mutually rewarding trade partnerships between India and China have thawed the two countries’ historically frigid relations, so there is a decreasing need for Islamabad to help Beijin…

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Bridging the Strait: Optimism for Taiwan’s Uncertain Future

…ndence. Indeed, absent the military factor, a vast majority in Taiwan would prefer independence. But in light of Beijing’s military threat, however, Taiwan would be misguided to push for de jure independence, for such a move would incur disfavor with the international community as well as place the country in a vulnerable position. Under the precondition of cross-strait peace, Taiwan is presented with two options: work with Beijing to pursue even…

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Bye Bye Beijing

by China’s recent activity in Africa goes beyond the mere muscle-flexing and oil-grabbing tendencies of an emerging global power. In the last five years, media reports of China’s growing presence in Africa have increasingly reinforced and intensified Western fears of an unrestrainable imperialist state. Articles brandishing headlines such as “China’s Economic Invasion of Africa” and “Africa: China’s New Backyard” depict Africa as the v…

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Myan-marred Relations

by When President Thein Sein of Burma announced on September 30, 2011 that he was suspending construction on the Myistone Dam “to respect the people’s will,” Chinese officials were “shocked,” “surprised,” and “utterly unprepared” to handle such a democratic decision. The $3.6 billion project, brainchild of the state-owned China Power Investment (CPI), would have delivered 90 percent of the potential 6,000 megawatts generated to cities…

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…projection; they merely prevent American surface ships from operating close to Chinese shores. At the same time, Beijing has also invested in conventional naval assets as part of its own desires to project power regionally by procuring new ships and even an aircraft carrier, with plans to build more. Beijing’s intentions for its surface fleet are likely more modest and regional than the massive 11-carrier American navy, which has made ensuring th…

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US-China Power Play, and the Fiscal Play

by China is slowly on the move to restore its political and economic success of yore. As an homage to the inland trade route traversing Central Asia that made China a major player in Eurasia from the 7th-10th centuries AD, President Xi Jinping has launched the “Silk Road strategy,” a series of agreements on trade and infrastructure development meant to engender free trade in the region. On November 8 of last year, the president announc…

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The Great Leap North

…se a great threat to US interests at large. Therefore, provided with diplomatic and economic space in Greenland, Beijing has reinforced its Arctic capability by closing scientific research and private mineral deals. Betting on soft cooperation on indirect interests, Chinese lobbyists have managed to convince former Prime Minister Kleist that Beijing could be Greenland’s angel in the near future. The Chinese question was undoubtedly a core issue i…

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Notes on the ‘Umbrella Revolution’

by By Citobun (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons The ongoing ‘Umbrella Revolution’ in Hong Kong can catalyze China’s journey to becoming a true democracy, or it can wither under the pressure from the Chinese government. The world has seen similar revolutions recently in Kiev and Moscow with thousands of citizens attempting to insert some sort of democracy into t…

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Events 03/09-03/13

…d Development’s (OECD) Deputy Head for Policy Coordination, will give a talk on her experience at the 1995 Beijing Women’s Conference where she represented New Zealand. Central to her discussion will be the challenge of producing the Beijing Platform for Action as well as the document’s relevancy to the progress of gender equality as it stands today. The OECD is a unique forum where the governments of 34 democracies with market…

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The North Korean crisis: the future of North Korea?

by   To look to the future, let’s first take a look at the past. The Koreas have both seen a long history of war and oppression: longing autonomy from the pulling forces of respective states, the South’s internal political struggle for democracy countered with the North’s struggle for stability, growth, and military power. All of which has amounted to […]

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