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Chasing Daisies

…U.S, and its allies. Despite the immense challenges of undertaking such a task, focusing on an effort to remove Assad’s chemical weapons will surely make the world a safer place. Or will it? Over the past few weeks, the world has seen a lot of Bashar Assad. Whether it has been on CBS, Fox, Chinese state television, or Venezuelan media outlets, his quotes fill daily papers and his face flashes on the nightly news. In order to discourage a U.S. mi…

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The War of Alawite Aggression?

…ore coups. That leader was Hafez al-Assad, the first Ba’athist president of Syria, and the father of Bashar. The Assad clan comes from the village of Qardaha in the mountains of the eastern Mediterranean. Like many nearby villages, it faced crippling poverty and underdevelopment for centuries. With the Assad family’s rise to power, Qardaha and select other Alawite villages in Syria, notably al-Sheikh Badr and Duraykish, benefited from the governm…

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Assad in Check, Regime Has Next Move

…yrian insurrection has lasted nearly 18 months, and the end is in sight. Or, at least, the end of the “rebels vs Assad” phase of what, with 19,000 dead, can only be called a civil war. The rebels have graduated from mere guerilla warfare. Last week, the defense minister, a senior general, and Assad’s feared brother-in-law were all killed in one fell swoop; the bombing smelled like an inside-job, meaning Assad’s allies are growing few and far betw…

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Assad’s Quiet Allies: Christians

…fugee inflows have created tense “social issues” between newcomers and native Syrian inhabitants. To Jordanians, Assad is the source of these headaches. The sooner he goes, the better. Yet despite the popularity of the previously described opinion, there is still one group of Jordanians whose support for Assad remains uniform—albeit quietly. These Jordanians dread a world without Assad, despite recognizing his malice and empathizing with the anxi…

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Refugee Aid, Syrians Betrayed; Humanitarian Aid and the War Against Assad

…ountries than inside the nation itself. Such external aid will be felt inside Syria, serving to delegitimize the Assad regime in a way that the international community currently cannot achieve through aid to internally displaced refugees alone. This is due in large part to the United Nations’ continued recognition of the Assad regime, maintained almost entirely by Russia’s obstinate support for the dictator. Because the United Nations still offic…

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Desert in Bloom

…Arab Spring were all that was needed to set the country off again, and this is the movement we see today. But is Assad as universally reviled as Ben Ali, Mubarak, or Qaddafi? It simply depends on the qualifiers. Yes, much of the Sunni population despises Assad, but the few Sunni merchants Assad has allied with prefer his rule for its stability and, as a result, their increasing wealth. The Christian minority, no friend to the Sunnis, have also ca…

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Syria’s YouTube Revolution

…people of Syria cannot muster the force and leverage necessary for the collapse of the regime. Unable to topple Assad alone, the Syrian people require foreign support. This is because of three critical elements. The brutal nature of Syria’s military apparatus. While the Egyptian Armed Forces supported the state and the Egyptian people above the ruling family, the Syrian army by strong contrast supports Assad’s regime. Tied to the Alawite party,…

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The Challenges of Limited War 2.0

…d to train were quickly decimated, and the program was abandoned. Furthermore, many of the armed rebels fighting Assad in Syria are confirmed to be part of Islamist groups, with a substantial number qualifying as “extremist.” This “army” is not ready or suitable for power, and without stability in Syria, Islamist groups will continue to operate with impunity.  Although accepting Assad, now a well-documented war criminal, as a temporary leader of…

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The (invisible) Red Line

by   Nearly three years into the devastating civil war which has rocked the Syrian state to its core, few objective facts can be ascertained by the casual observer. Recent peace talks in Geneva have seen government and opposition representatives simply talk past one another, while the pace of killing has actually increased since the beginning of the United Nations […]

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Syrian National Council, Revolution in Exile

…rrent leader, Ghalioun, who is willing to step down. One argument I find unconvincing is that we should stick to Assad for fear of what’s to come. An uprising that has continued for more than a year now cannot be silenced, and the lives of thousands killed will not be forgotten. Assad must be held accountable for his actions. I see the SNC’s current leader’s willingness to step down not as a sign of weakness but as a sign of openness for reform i…

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