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Naval State of Mind

…, but also the rest of the world. Nowhere are anti-access threats more evident than in the case of China and the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is openly developing a strategy to counter US naval hegemony and the means to carry it out. One of the largest threats facing the US Navy in the Western Pacific is that of sea mines. Although mines have long posed a threat to the operations of US naval forces, the potentia…

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A Balancing Act

…After centuries of humiliation, domination, and colonization by the West, nearly three billion residents in the Pacific region are rising to claim what is rightfully theirs: economic prosperity, diplomatic influence, and national pride.  Yet this newfound power breeds new challenges for the United States policy in Asia. The greatest headaches for US policymakers arise, of course, from the People’s Republic of China’ new aim to radically alter th…

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by rms procurements are a great barometer for determining a state’s threat perceptions and the “pressure” of its environment. A weapons system provides discrete capabilities and is itself a response or counter to specific threats. In Southeast and East Asia, commentators have focused heavily on a perceived naval arms race. Regional states have started procuring weapon systems with a strong naval focus, with surface ships, submarines,…

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by In spite of the rough economic times, it seems nothing can stop the expansion of American free trade agreements (FTAs) across the globe.  The Obama administration has promised that the recent passage of FTAs with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea will help boost American exports, substantially increase our GDP, and potentially support thousands of jobs. And the buck doesn’t stop there. At the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation…

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In Ukraine, Two Disparate Futures of Geopolitics

…ent crisis. In cooperation with Japan and South Korea, the United States should carry out major war games in the Pacific, where an Asia-Pacific Treaty Organisation (APTO) should also be publicly proposed. If need be, the United States could even intimate that it supports Japanese claims to the Chushima (Kuril) Islands—a contentious point for Russia. Outside the Pacific, NATO troops should increase their presence in the Baltic states, Norway, and…

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Asia’s Middle Child

by Consider this: Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. It has the largest population of Muslims, the second highest measure of biodiversity after Brazil, a very stable democracy despite its ethnic and geographic diversity and the potential to be a major player on the world stage in coming years. Yet Columbia University offers no courses on Indonesia and only two on all of Southeast Asia. How is it that Indonesia ha…

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It’s Raining (Rich) Men

…by Wikimedia Commons From a financial perspective, the last fifty years or so have not been kind to Southeast Asia. Emerging from the shadow of colonialism, Southeast Asian countries established governments that were, as a rule, economically disadvantaged by the two chief byproducts of corruption: economic inefficiency (leading to the enrichment of a small elite), and capital flight (the disappearance of those elites’ money from their home cou…

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A Latin American Pivot?

by In recent months, there has been much talk of the United States’ “strategic pivot” toward East Asia and the Pacific. With the expansion of our military presence in the region and the withdrawal of troops from our now unnecessary bases in Europe, the United States is positioning itself to be ready for the problems of the 21st century: i.e. possible Chinese encroachment in Southeast Asia or a potential conflict between China and India…

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A Mukden in the Making

…aoyu Island dispute. As tensions heat and cool in an absurd and politically expedient rhythm, the future of East Asia could be decided. Will the nations of East Asia willingly go to war over such small and insignificant islands? Probably not. However, if the Senkaku/Diaoyu issue is used as a springboard to a greater agenda (such as the “reunification” of Taiwan by force), the world may see an even more inauspicious Mukden lead to yet more catacly…

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*Updated* Exciting Events March 3rd-9th

…Professor of History at Brown University.She is the author of The Long Partition and the Making of Modern South Asia: Refugees, Boundaries, Histories, (2007). Tahir Kamran is the Allama Iqbal Fellow at the Centre of South Asian Studies at theUniversity of Cambridge. He is the former head of the department of history at Government College University in Lahore.  He is the author of Democracy and Governance in Pakistan (2008). S. Akbar Zaidi is Pro…

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