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Why the Journalists Matter

…ise – and the violence continues to escalate. In the beginning Christiane Amanpour got her window smashed in and Anderson Cooper got hit in the head. Some people made jokes about his poor, pretty face getting messed up. Then word got out that the government was sanctioning Egyptian security forces to journalists. Things got a little scarier. By February 4th, a journalist had been shot and killed. Al Jazeera offices in Cairo had been torched. Most…

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I Am News (And So Can You!)

…emark was truth, and they were averse to bias and ideology. One modern-day example of this type of journalist is Anderson Cooper. Stewart does not belong in this group because he is a satirist; his function is to examine the political process rather than shape it, and he conducts these examinations through the medium of comedy. Murrow and Cronkite attempted to shape the conceptions of their audience through hard-hitting, assiduous journalism; Ste…

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27 Million Bound

…used to hold and ship Africans to the Americas during the time of the Atlantic slave trade. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Obama compared visiting Cape Coast to visiting Birkenau: “The experience of slavery is like the experience of the Holocaust.” Obama explained that when he discussed slavery with his children, he emphasized that it is important to “use [these] extraordinary moments to widen the lens to focus on the issues of Darfur, the…

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Events 02/02 – 02/08

…making France and French Africa, 1945-1960 6:00pm  –  8:00pm East Gallery, Buell Hall Frederick Cooper’s Citizenship between Empire and Nation (Princeton UP, 2014) examines momentous changes in notions of citizenship, sovereignty, nation, state, and empire in France and French Africa in a time of acute uncertainty about the future of a world that had earlier been divided into colonial empires. Frederick Cooper is a Professo…

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Self-Made Mad Men

by Mad Men is a show founded on the very American idea of self-reinvention. Like Fitzgerald and Gatsby, the show’s creator, Matt Weiner, and his main character, Don Draper, argue that we can make ourselves out to be anything or anyone. And the entire first season centered on this theme of self-reinvention: originally a lowly farm boy, neurotic Dick Whitman becomes the self-assured, Madison Avenue executive Don Draper. Yet his speckled…

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Events 04/13-04/18

by Monday, Apr 13th The Columbia Academic Symposium in International Relations with Jamie Kirchick: A Critical Response Monday, April 13, 2015 – 10:30am  – 6 :00pm CIRCA Academics held the annual Columbia Academic Symposium in International Relations on the 11th of April this year, hosting accomplished journalist Jamie Kirchick, best known for breaking the story on Texas Senator Ron Paul’s homophobic and racist newsletters,…

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