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Stand By Me

…its newfound economic prowess and growing military might, an emboldened India is in the throes of voicing a new foreign policy doctrine for the 21st century. As pragmatism overpowers a traditionally quixotic and nationalistic external outlook, the new direction of Indian foreign policy is encouraging and refreshing. Nevertheless, the lingering threat of a flawed and archaic non-alignment policy threatens to squander the world of opportunity that…

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A Question of Vision

…ing back against Swift Boat Vets—ultimately stem from the big unspoken problem: when it comes to the politics of foreign policy, the party of Roosevelt is decidedly overmatched. Screw the economy; it’s the foreign policy, stupid. This is not to say the Democrats should give up on being fiscally responsible and on forging a vision of equality and economic security—it’s just that the biggest issue right now in American political culture is what to…

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A Fresh Order of Domino Theory

by a US foreign policy, domino theory argued that the fall of a nation to communism would trigger and fuel the spread of communism to neighboring nations. The Soviet Empire wished death upon American principles, liberties, and ideals, with a communist backbone rivaling that of Hitler’s fascism. If left unchecked, the Soviet Union could spread across the globe—a string of “falling dominos”— until it isolated its final opposition and unl…

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Acknowledging the Americas

…ch, Santos has developed a more pragmatic relationship of engagement with Chávez, looked to Europe and China for foreign investment and expanded into Latin American regional integration. At the same time, he has called for the United States to remain a central figure in his foreign policy and for US diplomats to “reshuffle their cards” and revitalize their attention to the Americas. In both Colombia and Chile, the reality is neither submission no…

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Do Obama and Romney Even Know What Foreign Policy Is?

by photo from Wikimedia Commons Foreign policy is not a game. It is not a contest, it is not a place to show off, and it must transcend mere politics. It is easy to draw red lines for Iran; it is hard to make Iran abide by them. It is easy to criticize China’s corrupt trade policies; it is hard to make China follow American rules. It is easy to condemn human rights abusers worldwide; it is hard to bring them to justice. It is easy to…

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Mudslinging in Denial

…. By the time of the Egyptian Revolution, Egyptians were long accustomed to political narratives centered around foreign interference, constant attempts to stymie Egyptian success, and a direct American interest in directing Egypt’s internal affairs. Consequently, it came as no surprise that “No to Foreign Interference” was a common slogan during the presidential run-off in July, or that the United States was accused of election-rigging, seemingl…

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…able, are no worse than those made during the Bush years. While some are now praising Obama for his successes in foreign policy, they have seemingly forgotten that President Obama’s decisions bear little resemblance to the policies on which Senator Obama ran.  Is this the foreign policy driven by “reason” and “principle” that he advocated? How can we assess long-term safety, when a quieter American aggression continues to foment anti-Americanism…

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Putting Foreign Policy Back on the Map

…Atlantic or our largest trading partner on the other side of the Pacific. There just might be a magic button for foreign policy, though. What the electorate is decidedly ignoring is the Commander-in-Chief’s unrivaled ability to change the world — this election might just effect every single person on the planet more than the average American. Remember Bush’s pet projects? Or even Obama’s gamble in Libya? I know I do, but f…

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Rigging the System

…both politicians and consumers are unwilling or unable to regulate. This recognition should be uncomfortable for Americans who like to believe that the United States and its corporate representatives abroad act in accordance with the inspired ideals of democracy, justice, and the rule of law. Furthermore, while we expect that the government, which is elected by the people, should determine the path of the country’s foreign energy policy and that…

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When Barry Became…George?

…shrill-sounding Mitt Romney in the fall, I suspect that most on the left will learn to live with the Bush-Obama foreign policy. “But hold on!” you say. “Obama has fought al-Qaeda and friends using Bush’s playbook, but he hasn’t adopted his entire foreign policy – right?” Wrong. For the most part, anyway. Much of the Bush-era ideology has been dropped – and with good reason, many would argue. But on the substantive questions of American foreign p…

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