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American Images

by Illustration by Phyllis Ma In late April 2004, the news that American soldiers had abused detainees at Abu Ghraib prison arrived to the public in a string of shocking photos. The images that exposed the torture of prisoners were brutal and strange—and they were memorable, resistant to amnesia. On May 24, President Bush made a somber address about the news. He called the abuse “disgraceful conduct by a few American troops, who dish…

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Grooming the Globe

…USA” manufacturers also operate far from home, and their track record is no ode to democratic “American” values. American political consultants have learned what corporate America learned thirty years ago: there are lucrative opportunities for growth offshore. During the off years in American elections, consultants disperse to almost every country and are often on both sides of international elections. In the words of reporter Walter Shapiro, “It…

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Missing Pages

…ts of September 11th are described in two to three paragraphs, and then the books move on to a discussion of the American response to the attacks. In Pathways, the most widely adopted textbook on the market, no real background on the attacks is ever given. Only one sentence is left describing the period before 9/11 as a time when “most Americans believed that their country was immune to the kind of violence against civilians that wracked Is…

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Mudslinging in Denial

…tion jihad.” Subsequently, with no credible evidence to back her claim, Bachmann’s accusations went unnoticed in American political circles. One month later, however, anti-Clinton demonstrators were accusing the Secretary of establishing a covert American-Brotherhood partnership and orchestrating a Brotherhood takeover of the White House. What made their claims so significant, however, was that some of the protesters were citing American, not Egy…

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Didactic Deceit

…mistic impulses (both explicitly present in Columbia’s report). On the presumptuous and self-congratulatory end, American universities ostensibly believe in their ability to change the world by enlightening the benighted children of dictatorial and underdeveloped nations. On the domestic sales call, universities would have Americans believe that the rise in internationals adds some intangible benefit to the classroom that will give students an ed…

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Islamabad Relations

…hed NATO operation that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, 2011 was not a great year for US-Pakistani relations. Many American policymakers are dismayed that neither friendship nor financial assistance has induced Pakistan to cooperate with American objectives in South Asia. Moreover, the strategic justifications for working with Pakistan are becoming less clear. In 2001, the United States sought to partner with Pakistan in the war on terror; now, wit…

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An American Revolution: The US and Iran may come to consensus

…gon, or the CIA, has necessitated the checking of claimants to regional hegemony by means of direct and indirect American intervention. American policymakers ought to reflect the explanation of regional stability in the future when they want the American government to entangle itself in the affairs of regions thousands of miles away. Especially since the past handful of interventions were ultimately destabilizing. Furthermore, under the specter o…

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…r Erdoğan” surged in the global trending topics. This piece will explore the ways in which the US government and American technology companies have contributed to the use of technology in emerging popular uprisings. American technology companies, functioning for-profit and in alignment with the US State Department’s diplomatic goals for Internet freedom, aided Turkish Twitter users in foiling Erdoğan’s censorship. We have entered a new age of twe…

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Acknowledging the Americas

…heralded throughout Latin America as an opportunity to repair the damage of the Bush era. According to one Latin American barometer poll, US favorability in the eyes of the Latin American public leapt from 58 percent in 2008 to 74 percent in 2009. Judging from the astounding chorus of leaders and citizens in the region who expressed curiosity and excitement about Obama’s election, the hemisphere seemed primed to embrace change. But now, over half…

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New History, Old History

…in Europe and liberated death camps and helped raise up democracies and faced down an evil empire,” he told the American people in his 2006 State of the Union Address. “Once again, we accept the call of history.” For all that the President invoked a glorious American past, however, he also spoke of a profound rupture in history. “On September 11,” the President declared, “night fell on a different world, a world where freedom itself was under at…

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