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The Hot Potato

…to be phased in over the coming decade. Do not, however, let these large numbers lead you to the belief that our budget problems are anywhere near solved. The Congressional Budget Office projected in 2011 a ten-year budget shortfall of $13 trillion dollars—that is, $13 trillion dollars will be added to the United States’ public debt between 2011 and 2021. In this light, the budget changes so far enacted accomplish merely a fraction of what must b…

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The Business of Politics

…veral years, and Koch was a Democratic Congressman. The election of businessman Michael Bloomberg to the highest office in New York City connotes a major shift in the leadership preferences of New Yorkers, and over the past nine months, he certainly has not disappointed those who expected an innovative management style. Bloomberg ran a tight ship at Bloomberg L.P., deliberately eliminating most of the trappings of corporate protocol, such as offi…

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Who’s Responsible?

…way.” In this vein, the headquarters in Geneva delegated most of the WHO’s responsibility to the Africa regional office in its early response to Ebola. Dr. Chan and other leaders at the WHO headquarters sent aid and experts, but left the coordination of the on-the-ground response to the regional office. Another issue that has become more evident during the fight against Ebola is the WHO’s budgetary woes. Currently, the WHO is $102 million short o…

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Naval State of Mind

…. The US defense budget crisis began earlier this year when Washington announced that it would trim the military budget by $450 billion over the next 10 years. Now that the JSCDR has failed to make a deal, further defense cuts will kick in starting in 2013. These automatic sequestrations will range anywhere from a few hundred billion to nearly $1 trillion over the next decade. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that the regular defense budg…

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Bubba’s Playbook

…effectively. If he can co-opt parts of their agenda in the same vein as Clinton’s welfare reform gambit (tax and budget reforms come to mind here), he can score points with the electorate, throw the GOP off balance, and improve his political position, ultimately resulting in better, more measured policy solutions to the problems facing America. The Congressional Republicans during Barack Obama’s first two years in office have been nothing but con…

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The Debt Offensive: Focusing on Entitlements

…d thus far could prove useful to the United States. Numerous reports have found that the U.S. could face serious budget trouble in the coming years. The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in January 2010 that “no one can say with certainty what the next 75-years will bring, but simulations by GAO, the Office of Management and Budget, Congressional Budget Office and others, all show an unsustainable long-term fiscal path.” P…

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Remember Me?

…igns ten more times before deciding to retire from Congress in 2012. Mayor Marion Barry of D.C, after serving in office for eleven years, was sentenced to six months in prison after being convicted of one count of misdemeanor drug possession.  After serving his jail sentence, Barry won city council elections and even made it back into the mayor’s office. For Congressman Frank and Mayor Barry, second chances and redemption were possible in their p…

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Too Right to Be Wrong

…he modern GOP. He tapped into the populist anger by giving the “Contract with America,” his plan for Congressional action once in power, directly to the American public. Notable planks included pledges to reduce taxes, drastically reform welfare by reducing eligibility and cash assistance, and impose congressional term limits. Born from the rhetoric of Reagan, the contract attempted to reduce the power and scope of what was characteri…

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CPRoundup: Ryan’s “Trojan Horse”

…al Black Caucus, which 75 Democrats voted  against, despite featuring the same amount of defense spending as the budget put forth by Democratic leadership. Additionally, the Congressional Black Caucus’ budget—the only one put forth by a minority caucus—sought to reduce the deficit by more than either the Ryan plan or the one offered by the Office of Budget and Management. On top of that, the Ryan budget is bad news—unless you make more than a mil…

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Ready To Serve?

…isn’t much to point to it. Erik Hotmire, the Communications Director for the Corps, told me in an email that the office “connect[s] millions of Americans to a culture of service through new and existing domestic and international federally-supported service programs,” and he listed a number of new initiatives the office was coordinating, including Citizen Corps and Volunteers in Police Service. But most of these have suffered the same fate as the…

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