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Not One for Talking

by This election year has seen U.S. energy policy and the debate on global warming (does it exist, if it does who/what is responsible, and what we should do about it) get quite a bit of airtime, but from a distinctly 2012 tack. Both issues have traditionally been favorites of both parties’ respective bases; the Democratic base consistently tries to make the Party focus on tackling global warming and getting America off of fossil fuels…

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The Grain Drain

by In 2011, a protester in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, was photographed with a bagel and two hot dog buns taped to his head. His “bread helmet” became a misunderstood symbol of the Egyptian revolution, with news feeds on social media platforms becoming flooded with jokes about the doubtful protection it provided, Yet this undermined its real significance. Between 2007 and 2008, bread prices in Egypt, the world’s largest wheat i…

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The Day After Copenhagen

by With movies like The Day After Tomorrow depicting the apocalyptic consequences of global warming, the issue of climate change has since transformed from being simply a “Hollywood problem” to a reality we must confront. Global warming deniers have long since been discredited, and an urgency to address climate change has heightened in policy spheres and also in the public imagination. It is the unfortunate fact that climate change is…

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Events 9/22 – 9/28

…nt, please contact World Leaders Forum by sending email to . Intellectual Property and Global Warming: Fossil Fuels and Climate Justice 12:10pm – 1:00pm Jerome Greene Hall, Room 107 The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment and the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law will co-host a talk and discussion with Matthew Rimmer on Intellectual Property and Global Warming: Fossil Fuels and Climate Justice. The United N…

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A New Currency for Climate Change

…be a very marked difference in the tone of your new book, Eaarth ,compared to your previous works. You say that global warming is no longer a threat we need to deal with but one we need to cope with. Where do you think the rest of the world stands on this at the moment? Bill McKibben: I think most people around the world have an idea that global warming is real and dangerous. I think that comparatively few, especially in the United States, reali…

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Oiled Up and Ready To Go

by In October, 73.7 percent of voting Columbia College students supported a ballot initiative to divest from fossil fuels. “Divestment” refers to a process of withdrawing funds from a company or sector, usually to make a political statement. In 1985, under overwhelming pressure from students, Columbia’s trustees agreed to divest from corporations operating in South Africa in protest of the country’s apartheid regime. Today…

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Diplomacy on Ice

by Illustration by Kaela Chambers Antarctica is home to more than emperor penguins and a few dozen humans with science citizenship barricaded in small hermetic bases. It is also host to an estimated 200 billion barrels of hydrocarbons, alongside large quantities of gold, silver, uranium, and many other rare metals underneath a pristine ice cap still virgin of commercial exploitation. Securing a territory with such a rich underground,…

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Dire Straits

by Illustrations by Amalia Rinehart Ever since Egypt’s great Pharaonic dynasties and through the successive apogees of Athens, Rome, and Istanbul, the Mediterranean Sea has been at the world’s political center, constantly in the grip of global powers. Thanks to its geographical position, the Mediterranean basin has played a critical role in commercial and cultural exchanges between mighty Asia, old Europe, and the great new world. How…

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So how unique was Sandy?

by Wikimedia Commons There is a common perception in the public sphere that short-term weather events are signals and symptoms of long-term climate change. Every time there is a major weather event, such as the landfall of Cyclone Phailin on the East Indian coast earlier this month, hordes of activists, many of them bloggers, are quick to point the finger at the most likely culprit: global warming, specifically human-induced climate c…

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

by It’s taken long enough, but the the political consensus in the United States is finally shifting towards acceptance of the existence of some sort of climate change. Nevertheless, politicians and climate researchers (not to mention the public) still widely disagree about the cause (anthropogenic disruption versus natural cycles) and extent of the problem. While the EPA has made admirable strides under President Obama towards developi…

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