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Ready To Serve?

…by Art by Dan Touff The comparisons to Pearl Harbor came naturally to most people on September 11th, 2001. Newspapers and politicians immediately pronounced this a new day destined to live in infamy, and a new day of shared sacrifice and heroism. It was likely with the imagery of that earlier day in mind—of Uncle Sam and war bonds and victory gardens and the like—that so many Americans seemed to yearn for a summons to service and national e…

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Jazz, Jail, and the New Jim Crow

…st in Harlem. He has earned four university degrees, participated in the lead-up to the 1971 Attica Rebellion in New York, and led a class-action lawsuit against New York State to end its practice of disenfranchising prisoners and parolees. At 71 years old, Jazz continues to organize, and has become one of the leaders of the fight against stop-and frisk.  If you see video footage or a still of stop-and-frisk in the news, it’s most likely the work…

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Silicon Implant

…le in global capital markets. In a larger, ever-shifting global marketplace, financial stability for the City of New York requires a turn to a much more balanced economic composition – one that relies on countercyclical, or at least non-procyclical, industries as an insurance policy so to speak. In 2007, financial sector workers collected 35.9 percent of New York’s income, even though the sector accounted for only an eighth of the city’s jobs. In…

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Invisible Notecards

…crease in financial support at a time when there is an ever-increasing need for their services. The situation in New York is bleak. According to an article published in August 2009 by the Robin Hood Foundation, fifty-five percent of babies born in this city are born into poverty and 1.9 million New Yorkers are currently living below the poverty line. In 2008, more than 90 percent of emergency food sites in New York experienced an increase in dema…

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Schoolhouse Crock

…ritizes cosmetic changes over real classroom needs. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Joel Klein, Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education (DE), informed teachers in January of 2003 that 1,000 out of the city’s 1,200 public schools had to adopt uniform reading and math curricula. The new kindergarten through third grade reading curriculum emphasizes a program called Month by Month Phonics and utilizes new classroom libraries filled wi…

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New York’s Bloomberg Problem

by King Bloomberg (WikiCommons) The problem of political corruption pervades both New York City and New York state politics. So much so, in fact, that New York recently earned a ‘D’ on a political integrity test that examined internal auditing practices, financial disclosures, legislative  accountability, and political financing in state and local politics. Unable to ignore this glaring issue, Governor Cuomo convened the &…

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The Business of Politics

…o political credentials, Bloomberg embarked on a dramatically different career in the public sector, as Mayor of New York City. Before Bloomberg’s election, New Yorkers tended to elect charismatic, combative mayors—individuals with considerable political or legal experience. Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani epitomized this characterization with their bold, argumentative styles and extensive political experience—Giuliani was a U.S. Attorney in New York f…

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New History, Old History

…by customs officers.” Suddenly, it seemed sustained military engagement and expanded state surveillance were as new to America as cyberspace (forget Vietnam and J. Edgar Hoover). Indeed, it appeared the war was so new that it defied Rumsfeld’s descriptive powers: “It is easier to describe what lies ahead by talking about what it is not rather than what it is,” he wrote. Whatever the “new kind of war” was, it was not something citizens could judg…

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Diplomacy on Ice

…elieve, acknowledging this possibility is neither overly pessimistic nor overly speculative. Economic hardships, new uncertainties, unsustainable public debts, and the need for energy security in a so-called “oil-peaking world” have already cumulatively led to major geopolitical changes in the last 10 years. The greater the threats to energy security that policy makers perceive, the further they willing to go to secure new supplies ar…

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“It’s Good to be the King”

by Columbia Political Review: What do you think the gravest problem facing New York City is? What do you think New Yorkers’ biggest concern is? Congressman Anthony Weiner (D): The gravest problem facing New York is that our economic engine has stalled, and some of it is because those of us in government haven’t recognized that the true DNA of New York is not only finance and insurance and real estate, but also the energy, innovation, a…

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