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Acknowledging the Americas

by In 2008, President Barack Obama had a clear idea for Latin American foreign policy. The Bush administration, distracted by events in the Middle East, had pursued a harmful hemispheric policy of blustering unilateralism and neglect; Obama, conversely, would pursue a “new partnership” with the Americas, one marked by cooperation and mutual interests. His subsequent election was heralded throughout Latin America as an opportunity to r…

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Carne Asada and a Side of Jihad?

…pus Christi, Texas which is just hours from the Mexican border. While the connection between the Middle East and Latin America is old news (a camaraderie based on the shared resentment of American “hegemony” and the penchant for trafficking illicit drugs), what stands out in Iran’s most recent assassination attempt is how it represents a larger pattern of cooperation, both official and illicit, between the Middle East and Latin America. The rise…

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A Latin American Pivot?

…g enough to cultivate our friendships abroad, including those much closer to home? In short, when will we have a Latin American pivot? The cliché is often stated: by 2050, half of Americans will speak Spanish. I myself come from one of two states that the 2010 Census found had a population over 40 percent Hispanic. The interests of the United States and the interests of greater Latin America are increasingly aligned because their peoples are incr…

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Rethinking the Past

…power, it’s even harder to deal with them once they’re gone. It’s an issue that is still being grappled with in Latin America. How do we create democratic institutions from scratch? How do we view the dictatorial era itself? Is political and economic stability worth a suspension of human rights? Perhaps one of the most difficult and pertinent questions for modern Latin America is the question of war crimes. Who can be charged with  a ‘war…

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2012 Latin American Political Playbook

…rgeoning growth in emerging markets). This is one of the reasons that I believe 2012 will be an exciting year in Latin America. Continuing fallout from the economic crisis has slowed down the new dynamic giants to our South, but growth rates have remained positive. Violent revolutions, which, with a few exceptions, came to be synonymous with Latin America in the twentieth century, are increasingly a thing of the past; peaceful power transfers hav…

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Glow Sticks and AK-47s

by I am a ten minute walk from arguably the most famous, certainly the most expensive, beach in the world, but you would never know it from first glance. Young men, barely teenagers, tote assault rifles festooned with glow sticks as they dot around the crowd. And no one bats an eye. Whenever I am asked about Brazil, my mind immediately jumps to those glow sticks and AK-47s.  In the middle of a crowded party and a capirinha-induced haze…

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Missing Pages

by Japanese historians Nozaki Yoshiko and Inokuchi Hiromatsu once described school textbooks as an “important site [for] creating and disseminating narratives.” By projecting a specific viewpoint of an event on the impressionable minds of students, the books can “readily reinforce dominant ideologies.” A major occurrence in history can be spun in different ways, depending on the words used to describe it. The at…

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Defeatism Denied

by The print media has painted a painted a pretty bleak picture: not only that the best days of Western democracy are far behind us, but also China’s global hegemony in the next century is written in the stars. Many already speak of the twenty-first century as “The Chinese Century.” This is presented in concert to the conventional wisdom that the twentieth century was “The American Century” and the nineteenth century was “The British C…

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Contradicting Colombia?

…ored the testy environment of the meetings. The United States and Canada rejected a proposal proposed by several Latin American leaders, including a charged statement from Raúl Castro himself. The US and Canada were the only two countries who opposed Cuba’s participation – further exacerbating rifts with Latin American leaders, who see American policy toward the island nation as a dated, relic of the Cold War. Obama’s approach to Cuban relations,…

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Umm… lo siento, no entender. No hablar español!

by Standing on the beach in Brazil, a Portuguese speaking country, my friends and I roll our eyes and strain to stifle our laughter as the family of American tourists behind us attempts to brush away a persistent beach peddler. How bad were they? Frankly, typing a tilde over the “n” in their pronunciation of español would be quite generous. As the joke goes, “What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you cal…

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